Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world and is of increasing importance in the United States, which makes it a valuable asset to professionals in a variety of fields, including not only international business but medicine, education, social work, and many other areas. The Spanish section of the Department of World Languages and Cultures offers students many opportunities to study Spanish language and culture both here at UAH and abroad. Whether you are interested in reading Spanish literature, exploring the rich complexity of Spanish-speaking cultures, preparing for an international career, or a combination of all three, the Spanish program at UAH has a place for you. Whether you major, minor, or simply take a few courses, studying Spanish will help you develop invaluable intercultural skills that will help you achieve success in later study or employment in the rapidly globalizing workplace. For more information on our program, please contact Dr. Linda Maier (maierl@uah.edu) or Dr. Leslie Kaiura (leslie.kaiura@uah.edu).

Segovia, Spain

View of the historic city of Segovia, Spain, and its soaring cathedral.

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