Community Outreach

UAH welcomes Dr. Jae H. Park Associate Professor of Information Systems, College of Business Administration

Aug 24 2015

"No single technology can be a silver bullet making our personal information safe and secure," said Dr. Jae H. Park, Associate Professor of Information Systems, Management, and Marketing at UAH. "Nevertheless, with proper orchestration of technological solutions, education and real world practice, I believe we can find reasonable sweet spots that can provide good enough security and privacy while still delivering desirable services." Park, a new faculty member in the UAH College of Business Administration is an expert in the field of cybersecurity, and a pioneer in the area of Usage Control (UCON). He has been extremely progressive and is highly regarded for his seminal work on UCON models in cybersecurity research.

UAH Department of Art, Art History and Design hosts art show: "Precarious: The Dangerous Practice of Uncertainty"

Aug 24 2015

UAH will host The Alabama Women's Caucus for Art Exhibition: "Precarious: The Dangerous Practice of Uncertainty," Aug. 22 through Sept. 19, in the Union Grove Gallery.

NSF grant expands undergraduate research opportunities at UAH

Aug 05 2015

One of the best things about attending a Tier One research university like UAH is that it offers unparalleled research opportunities to undergraduates who would otherwise have to wait until graduate school or the workplace to get the same level of hands-on experience. A perfect example is the university's Unmanned Systems Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), which focuses on the missing links of fundamental research in five related fields of science and engineering: dynamics and controls; video processing, data mining, and compression; the human-machine interface; the physics of sensors; and material science.

UAH students design and build award-winning display station for use at Sci-Quest

Jul 21 2015

Build a mobile experimentation display station. That was the challenge a team of students in the Engineering Design - Product Realization course at UAH was faced with. And that's what they did, turning out an award-winning creation that now sees daily use at local children's science center Sci-Quest.

Deana P. Aumalis named Director of UAH's Rise School

Jul 20 2015

Deana Preston Aumalis ('89 BA Education) was recently named Director of the UAH Rise School. Rise became a formal organization under the direction of UAH's College of Education in 2014.

Secondary teachers learning about cybersecurity at GenCyber camp

Jul 13 2015

This week, local secondary school teachers are at UAH learning how to bring cybersecurity lessons to their classrooms at a free weeklong GenCyber Cybersecurity Camp.

UAH hosts workshop on educating America’s future cyber warriors

Jul 09 2015

UAH hosted a half-day event on Thursday, July 9, in the UAH Charger Union Theater to help school systems start a cybersecurity program and educate future cyber warriors.

PECAN storm research team does UAH outreach on the Plains

Jun 25 2015

Wherever three or more mobile Doppler radars are gathered together, the locals in the Plains states will wonder if they should be concerned about the weather.

UAH’s Institute for Science Education brings RE-SEED Program to Huntsville

Jun 23 2015

Outreach is a central tenet of the Institute for Science Education at The (UAH ISEd), a non-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields in education.

Paige Stephenson
Hunter’s Hotline, founded by UAH alumna, helps local youths

Jun 16 2015

High school has changed a lot since Paige Stephenson was a student almost a dozen years ago. Perils like drinking and smoking pot have given way to prescription pill abuse, online bullying, and worse. "It's a whole different game," says Stephenson, who recently earned her second degree, a bachelor of science in nursing, from UAH.

Four rising eighth-graders taking part in this year’s Tech Trek participate in a Meet-and-Greet held last month on the UAH campus.
UAH to host second AAUW Tech Trek camp from June 21 through June 27

Jun 08 2015

UAH is pleased to announce the return of Tech Trek, an American Association of University Women (AAUW) program, to the UAH campus from June 21 to June 27. A weeklong residential camp, Tech Trek features intensive hands-on experiments and activities to promote interest in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields among rising eighth-grade girls.

UAH in partnership to develop Army Reserve cyber warriors

Apr 22 2015

UAH has partnered with seven other universities and 20 defense contractors nationally to work with the federal government and the U.S. Army Reserve to develop America's future cyber warriors.

Alabama Science & Engineering Fair returns to UAH for 20th anniversary

Apr 02 2015

Students still want to know how various household chemicals affect plant growth, or whether video games make them and their friends smarter.

These and about 200 other student experiments will be on display Friday, April 3, when the Alabama Science & Engineering Fair returns for its 20th anniversary at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).

Students also are testing the effects of temperature change on magnets, or developing a low-cost laser scatterometer that might be used as an inexpensive household air-quality monitor. Spenser Willard, an eighth grader at Grace Lutheran School in Huntsville, tested a sensor that measures movement to see if it might be used to detect when someone falls. (It can.)

UAH’s nursing outreach program a benefit to all

Mar 12 2015

When a patient is readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge because they failed to receive adequate care, it's known as an avoidable readmission. And unfortunately it happens more frequently than it should, particularly among medically underserved populations like the elderly and those who live in rural areas.

"Many of these patients are eligible for transition services, but if the referral is not made prior to discharge, they don't even know to ask about them," says Maria Steele, a clinical assistant professor in the College of Nursing at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). "Then they fall through the cracks and have to manage on their own, and it's not the optimal outcome."

So to combat the trend, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently launched a new initiative under the Affordable Care Act called the Community-based Care Transitions Program (CCTP). Its goal is to facilitate the coordination of community partners to improve the care patients receive as they transition from the hospital to their homes.

UAH, CCI sponsor Be The Match® drives in memory of Leslie Vallely

Mar 10 2015

To those who have been lucky enough to find one, a bone marrow match has been compared to winning the lottery. The statistics of finding a match break down like this: every four minutes in the U.S., someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer, that's 360 people a day and 15 people each hour, making the chance of finding a near perfect match one in 1000.

Two of UAH’s own honored as “Educators of the Year”

Dec 18 2014

Drs. P.J. Benfield and Matt Turner both received the National Space Club - Huntsville's 2014 "Educator of the Year" award, which honors those who have made an outstanding contribution at the K-12 level in the area of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). But unlike the majority of past recipients, the two men are not teachers. Rather, they are the founders of the Innovative System Project for the Increased Recruitment of Emerging STEM Students (InSPIRESS).

Parachute team just one of many highlights from Girls Science and Engineering Day

Nov 04 2014

Girls Science and Engineering Day, held this past Saturday at UAH, was attended by more than 400 third through fifth grade girls from across Madison County.

Participants enjoyed an educational program consisting of 40-minute workshops on a variety of topics from the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields. They were also treated to a special performance by the U.S. Army's Golden Knights aerial demonstration team - four of whom are women - who parachuted in over the Shelby Science Center and fielded questions from the students.

UAH’s iSystems Club helps non-profit through iGiveBack program

Oct 03 2014

What does a non-profit organization like the Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center do when it needs a major overhaul of its gym membership system but has neither the budget nor the time to enact one? Call the iSystems Club at UAH. Through their iGiveBack program, the student-run organization has already helped several local non-profits, providing information systems solutions in return for nothing more than the hands-on experience that the projects afford.

"It's a positive thing all around for everyone involved," says Alex Sims, a senior information systems major and the current president of the iSystems Club. "You're making connections with people in the community and with local businesses and you're getting valuable experience. There are lots of benefits!"

This particular project challenged the iSystems students with converting a handwritten sign-in process for the senior center's gym, Studio 60, to an electronic tracking system that could keep track of attendees. "Those numbers are really important to us," says Carolyn Rhodes, the center's Fitness Coordinator. "We need to know how many people we serve to be able to apply for grants."

Sustainable Natural Fertilizer Initiative makes UAH campus greener

Sep 15 2014

Sweet tea might be a favorite among Southerners, but among gardeners, it's compost tea. An all-natural alternative to commercial fertilizers, compost tea is safer for the environment and yields healthier, more productive plants. And that's exactly why Michael Marshall plans to brew his own.

Marshall is a senior biology major at UAH. He's also the manager of the university's community garden, founded in 2011 to provide UAH students with a space to practice sustainable gardening techniques and to gain an understanding of plant and soil biology. So when it was discovered last semester that the garden's soil was lacking in necessary nutrients, it fell to him to come up with a solution.

For help, Marshall turned to Dr. Leland Cseke, an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and the garden's faculty advisor. And together they came up with the Sustainable Natural Fertilizer Initiative, a solar power and rainwater fueled composting system that would allow students to brew their own compost tea for use as fertilizer.

UAH’s first Tech Trek an unqualified success

Aug 27 2014


This July, UAH hosted its first-ever Tech Trek, a weeklong residential camp to promote interest in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields among rising eighth-grade girls. And by every measure, says Camp Director Dr. Rhonda Gaede, it proved to be an unqualified success.

"On Sunday, the girls were names on forms to me; by Friday, they were friends that I hated to see go," says Dr. Gaede, who also serves as an associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UAH. "On more than one occasion, parents used the words 'life changing' and 'once in a lifetime' about the camp."

That's because Tech Trek offered students the freedom to be creative - a freedom missing from most middle school curriculums. "The girls said that, at school, it was about getting the right answers. But at Tech Trek, it was about exploring possibilities and understanding that failure is part of the process," she says. "The process is so much more important than any answer, because the questions are going to change during the course of a forty-year career."