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The Propulsion Research Center is your resource for:

  • Cost-effective fundamental and applied research
  • Nationally recognized faculty and students
  • State-of-the-art test facilities
  • Innovative solutions

PRC in Photos


PRC Facilities


The PRC is the home to some exciting research labs and facilities. With research topics such as Fusion Propulsion, Applied Plasma Science, and Hybrid Rocket Motor Performance, the PRC facilities house ample lab and research space. The outdoor Rocket Test Stand is also used for testing small scale performance of rocket motors. Check out the full list of PRC Facilities here.

 As a part of the facilities at the PRC, the rocket test cell houses the stand at which much of the solid or hybrid rocket testing is done. A video demonstrating one graduate student's work on an Axial-Injection, End-Burning Hybrid Rocket Motor Evaluation can be found here.

Opportunities to Research for the PRC


As the PRC continues to develop innovative and efficient propulsion methods, the need for new talent is always growing. The PRC coordinates with many industry representatives, leading to opportunities not just as students but beyond graduation or into post graduate studies. Head over to the Students section to see if the PRC is the right fit for you.