Research Centers

Research Institute

Aerophysics Research Center
Reliability and Failure Analysis Laboratory
Office for Operational Excellence

 256.824.6848 (Fax)
Steve Messervy, Director

Center for Space Plasma & Aeronomic Research

 256.961.7730 (Fax)
Gary P Zank, PhD, Director

Center for Modeling, Simulation & Analysis

 256.824.4322 (Fax)
Sara Graves, PhD, Interim Director

Earth System Science Center

 256.961.7751 (Fax)
John R. Christy, PhD, Director

Systems Management & Production Center

 256.313.1922 (Fax)
Gary A. Maddux, PhD, Director

Information Technology and Systems Center

 256.824.5149 (Fax)
Sara Graves, PhD, Director

Propulsion Research Center

 256.824.7205 (Fax)
Robert Frederick, PhD, Director

Rotorcraft Systems Engineering and Simulation Center

 256.642.9047 (Fax)
Dave Arterburn, Director

Center for Applied Optics

 256.824.6618 (Fax)
Robert “Bob” Lindquist, PhD, Director