Undergraduate Financial Aid Opportunities


Psychology majors and graduate students may submit proposals for funding for research supplies (e.g., special software, equipment, testing instruments). Students may apply once each semester for funding. Proposals will be evaluated by the Student Research Fund committee, comprised of two psychology faculty. Proposals should be submitted to the designated committee member. The form should be completed and a budget page included detailing how the requested funds would be utilized. The form must be signed by the student and a psychology faculty sponsor. A student may be awarded one grant per year. There is a maximum award of $100 per project. Deadlines for grant proposal submission are September 15 for Fall, February 15 for Spring, and June 15 for Summer.

Proposals will be evaluated as deserving or undeserving of funding. Those proposals that are deemed deserving will be funded proportional to the balance in the student research fund. If several proposals are received concurrently, those considered deserving will be rank ordered in terms of quality, and funding will be allocated in this order, proportional to the balance in the fund. Students will then be reimbursed for approved purchases, up to the awarded amount.


The Psychology Department has two endowed scholarships for psychology majors -- the Daniel G. Hays Memorial Scholarship and the Robert E. James Endowed Scholarship.

The Daniel G. Hays Memorial Scholarship, established in memory of a former Associate Professor of Psychology, may be awarded to an advanced undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts. Students must have earned a high school diploma or college degree and have demonstrated leadership potential, along with participation in community and professional activities. Financial need is also a consideration.

Established in the fall semester of 2000 is the Robert E. James Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship is aimed at undergraduate psychology students at the beginning of their academic career. Students must have declared a psychology major and have completed six hours of introductory psychology at UAH or be currently enrolled in their second UAH psychology course (PY 102 or PY 201). In addition to having at least a 3.00 grade point average, students should be active in extracurricular or volunteer work. Financial need will be a determining factor for individuals with excellent scholarship and activities. Completed applications are due by December 1 in the Office of Financial Aid.

For information about pell grants, loans, university wide scholarships and military aid, please visit UAH's Financial Aid Department's Web site.