Cost of Attendance


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2016-2017 Cost of Attendance

For the 2016-2017 academic year, the total full time cost of attendance for undergraduates is estimated to be $24,756 for full-time resident undergraduate students and $36,012 for full-time non-resident undergraduate students. These figures include the standards of tuition, college fees, room, board, books and supplies, transportation, and a small allowance for miscellaneous expenses. Some students will spend more, while others may spend less than the estimates depending on your personal preferences and circumstances. We use the estimates below when determining eligibility for need-based financial aid. Please note also that you may pay a different amount dependent upon your specific course of study and that all costs are subject to change.

The term Cost of Attendance (COA) refers to an estimate of total expenses that students may incur while attending UAH for the academic year which will include direct institutional costs as well as indirect costs. This estimate is utilized in the mandated calculation to determine a student's eligibility for Title IV Federal Financial Aid programs consisting of grants, work-study and student loans; however, students may wish to refer to these estimated expenses to assist in their budget planning process. These COAs include tuition, mandatory fees, room, board, books & supplies, transportation, miscellaneous expenses and loan fees. Cost of Attendance is also segmented by enrollment status and student housing.

(Full Time) Resident*
On/Off Campus
Living with Parents
On/Off Campus
Living with Parents
Tuition $8,996 $8,996 $19,766 $19,766
Course Fees  $846 $846 $846 $846
Room & Board $9,603 $3,050 $9,603 $3,050
Books & Supplies $1,688 $1,688 $1,688 $1,688
Transportation $1,458 $1,458 $1,944 $1,944
Miscellaneous $2,120 $2,120 $2,120 $2,120
Loan Fees $45 $45 $45 $45
Year Total: $24,756 $18,203 $36,012 $29,459

*Residents of Alabama and select counties in Tennessee (Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Giles, Lawrence, Lincoln, Marshall, Moore, and Marion).

For 2016-2017, based on a full academic year with 15 hours per semester for two academic semesters. Figures represent costs for students who live in a traditional residence hall with a dining plan. Fees may be higher for certain majors. Costs are determined by The Board of Trustees, University of Alabama System, and are subject to change.

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