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How to Hire Co-ops or Interns

Hiring Co-ops and Interns is a simple process. If you are a new employer, you'll need to register your company with Charger Path, our career management system. This is a free service to employers and takes a minimal amount of time; details on accessing Charger Path are shown below. Once your account has been created, you can easily post positions or view resume books.

Internships can be credit bearing or non-credit bearing. In order to receive credit for an internship, a student must have a complete job description to present to his/her advisor for approval. Once the position has been approved, the student may begin employment based upon the employer's needs. Please notify the Office of Career Development when presenting a job offer to a student for either co-ops or internships.

Co-ops and internships should run concurrently with the University's academic calendar. Click here to view our current academic calendars.

The Career Development office does not require employers to complete a contract or agreement with our office. We ask that you notify us of your intent to hire a student and upon hire, at the end of the semester, we will provide you with a survey to complete to ensure your satisfaction with our program.

Charger Path

UAHuntsville students are available for experiential learning programs, non-degree related positions and degreed, career positions. The Career Development office uses an on-line career management system, Charger Path, to link students and employers. Using Charger Path, employers can post positions, view student and alumni resume books and schedule on-campus recruiting sessions. This is a free service to all employers.

Experiential Learning Programs

Experiential learning programs allow students the opportunity to make meaningful connections between classroom theory and real-world practice. We offer a variety of options for our students such as cooperative education, internship, nursing clinicals and student teaching. These programs provide a unique structured educational experience for qualified students.

Cooperative Education opportunities are degree related and are supervised by professionals. These positions are always paid and are offered to students for multiple semester. Work assignments can alternate with school semesters (Alternating Program) or run simultaneously with school semesters (Parallel Program).

Internships are one semester work assignments that are also degree related and supervised by professionals. These positions are typcially paid and are generally offered during the summer.

Because experiential learning programs are academic programs, we are part of the Student Success Center, which means we must also focus on our students' academic progress. We want to make sure that students are receiving the support they need academically while they are receiving outstanding experience in their field. When students work through our office, we help ensure that they stay on a positive track toward graduation.

Working with the Career Development Office

UAHuntsville wants to create long-term professional relationships with employers and does not require any type of agreement between the university and the employer. However, we do want to remind employers of the necessity for students in experiential learning programs to work with the Career Development office as soon as they receive an offer of employment.

We have some outstanding students at UAHuntsville - many of whom have earned scholarships. These students are typically the most desirable to our employers because they possess an outstanding work ethic. If a student must maintain full-time enrollment status as a requirement for their scholarship, or any form of financial aid that s/he may be receiving, then they must register their co-op or internship with the university. When students register in this way, they maintain their full-time status while they are at work.

While the large majority of companies that employ our students provide us with an updated list of their current co-op or internship students, we understand that some employers are not able to release that information. We ask that employers assist us in communicating to students the necessity of working with the Career Development office by taking the appropriate steps to register their experiential learning experience with the university. Additionally, we ask that employers maintain an open line of communication with our office in order to quickly address any problems, should they arise. We want to ensure that both students and employers have a positive working relationship.

Hiring International Students

Many international students would like to gain applied work experience while completing their degree. While there are some employment limitations for international students, knowing your options is the first step in providing opportunities for our students.

For complete employment eligibility information, please feel free to contact the International Student and Scholar Office at 256-824-2748.

FAQ's about Hiring International Students (PDF)

Current Average Co-op Salaries

College of Business

Accounting - $13.00/Hour
Informatoin System - $15.00/Hour
Management - $14.00/Hour
Marketing - $11.00/Hour

College of Engineering

Mechanical/Aerospace - $16.00/Hour
Chemical - $18.00/Hour
Civil and Environmental - $17.00/Hour
Computer - $15.00/Hour
Electrical - $16.00/Hour
Industrial & Systems - $16.00/Hour
Optical - $17.00/Hour

College of Science

Biology - $14.00/Hour
Chemistry - $13.00/Hour
Computer Science - $16.00/Hour

College of Liberal Arts

Communication Arts - $16.00/Hour
Public Affairs - $16.00/Hour