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Physics 11 pp Waylin Wing, PhD candidate, and Prof. Seyed Sadeghi in Nanophotonic and Quantum Devices Lab at the UAH Physics Department


 Dr Strong Commencement1

Dr Carol Strong was awarded the University Teaching Prize, the Oscar of UAH awards.  She was the first among thousands to climb the Commencement platform.

 Ashley Lindley Commencement1

Astrophysicist Dr Ashley Lindley is our latest PhD graduate.  Her adviser is Prof. Bonamente, and her topic is clusters of galaxies

 Physics Don1

Don Gregory was conferred as Distinguished Professor on April 4th, 2014. 

This is the highest academic rank in UAH, and only about a dozen faculty in the whole history of the University have the status. 

Congratulations, Don!

 sonophotos1-2014a  sonophotos3-2014a  sonophotos5-2014a
 sonophotos2-2014a  sonophotos4-2014a  

Students observing sonoluminescence in Ethylene Glycol.  Sonoluminescence is the emission of light from imploding bubbles compressed by sound waves.  The temperature inside the micron size bubbles is predicted to be 20,000 Kelvin. Prof. Gregory and his students are trying to devise an experiment to accurately measure this incredibly high temperature.


Click on the picture to learn more about Dr. Ming Sun's work with the Hubble Space Telescope. 


Physics Holiday 1 Physics Holiday 2

Physics graduate students dine with UAH President Dr. Altenkirch and Physics Chair Dr. Lieu in the Physics Success Center to celebrate the holidays

Four professors at the Physics holiday lunch



News for March and April 2014


Talks and Presentations

Invited Talk by Prof. Ming Sun at the "X-ray view of galaxy ecosystems" conference hosted by the Chandra X-ray Center at Boston, MA (June, 2014).

"The Lunar Occultation Explorer - A Nuclear Astrophysics Mission Concept",  an Invited Talk by Prof. Richard Miller, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory (28 Feb 2014).

"Identification of Surface Hydrogen Enhancements Within the Moon's Shackleton Crater", an Invited Talk by Prof. Richard Miller at the Lunar Volatiles Conference ( 17 April 2014).

"Muon Radiography as a Probe of the Interior Structure of Small Solar System Bodies", a Presentation by Prof. Richard Miller at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (16-21 March 2014).

"Professor debunks ET theory surrounding NASA pics", Prof. Richard Miller on the Panel, Communicating Science Workshop, UAH Honors College (3 April 2014).

Prof. Richard Miller as the Topical Expert,WAFF News & nationally (9 April 2014).



 "Spatial Growth of the Current-Driven Instability in Relativistic Jets", Mizuno, Y., Hardee, P. E. and Nishikawa, K.-I.,  ApJ, 784, 167, (2014).

"Magnetic Field Amplification and Saturation in Turbulence Behind a Relativistic Shock" ,Mizuno, Y., Pohl, M., Niemiec, J., Zhang, B., Nishikawa, K.-I., and Hardee, P. E., MNRAS, 439, 3490, (2014).

"A Study on the Evolution of Relativistic Electron-Ion Shock Using 3D PIC Simulations", Choi, E. J. , Min, K., Nishikawa K. -I, and Choi, C.R., 

Physics of Plasmas, submitted (2014).

"Magnetic field generation via the kinetic Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in core-sheath jets", Nishikawa, K.-I., et al, ApJ, submitted, (2014).
"Abundant molecular gas and inefficient star formation in intracluster regions: Ram pressure stripped tail of the Norma galaxy ESO137-001", Jachym, P.,  Combes, F., Cortese, Luca, Sun, M., and Kenney, J.D.P., ApJ submitted (2014).

"Bound orbits and virialized systems in a dark energy Universe', Lieu, R., and Lackeos, K., ApJ, submitted (2014).



 PhD graduation of Ashley Lindley, on "Mass Function of clusters of galaxies by X-ray and SZ studies", adviser M. Bonamente (Feb. 2014).

 Adviser & Committee Member, M.S. Thesis (Jason Waggoner, MAE), "An Evaluation of a Passively Cooled Cylindrical Spectrometer Array in Lunar Orbit"


Awards and Distinctions

 Conferment of the title of Distinguished Professor to D.A. Gregory, UAH Physics Department (April 2014).

University Teaching Award to Dr Carol Strong, UAH Physics Department (April 2014).

UAH College of Science Teaching Award to Dr Carol Strong, UAH Physics Department (April 2014).

Ten-Year Service Award to Prof. Richard Miller, UAH Physics Department  (April 2014).

UAH College of Science Graduate Student Award to Eric Zirnstein (April 2014).


News for February-March 2014

Recent Publications

Mizuno, Y., Hardee, P. E. & Nishikawa, K.-I., Spatial Growth of the Current-Driven    Instability in Relativistic Jets, ApJ, in press, 2014 (arXiv:1402.2370)

Mizuno, Y., Pohl, M., Niemiec, J., Zhang, B., Nishikawa, K.-I., & Hardee, P. E.,  Magnetic Field Amplification and Saturation in Turbulence Behind a Relativistic Shock, MNRAS, in press, 2014 (arXiv:1401.7080)

Canning, R. E. A.; Sun, M. et al. 2013, MNRAS, 435, 1108, "A multiwavelength view of cooling versus AGN heating in the X-ray luminous cool-core of Abell 3581"

Zhang, B.; Sun, M. et al. 2013, ApJ, 777, 122, "The Narrow X-Ray Tail and Double Hα Tails of ESO 137-002 in A3627"

N. Werner, J. B. R. Oonk, M. Sun et al. MNRAS, 2014, in press, arXiv:1310.5450, "The origin of cold gas in giant elliptical galaxies and its role in fueling radio-mode AGN feedback"

J. S. Sanders, A. C. Fabian, M. Sun et al. MNRAS, 2014, in press, arXiv:1401.3131, "The X-ray coronae of the two brightest galaxies in the Coma cluster"

R.S. Miller, D.J. Lawrence, D.M. Hurley, 2014, "Identification of surface hydrogen enhancements within the Moon's Shackleton crater", Icarus,

Conference talks

XXVII Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics    December 8-13, 2013; Title: Radiation from accelerated particles in relativistic jets with shocks, shear-flow, and reconnection; Speaker: Nishikawa, K.-I.



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