Aerospace Systems Engineering and Conceptual Design

The UAH Propulsion Research Center team has extensive experience in systems engineering and has worked with NASA and the Department of Defense. This experience targets conceptual vehicle design, technology assessment, and literature review.

The PRC has also completed multi-disciplinary research and technology demonstration projects. This includes the design of new injector technology for lunar ascent engines. System engineering tasks focused on the technology as a practical application. The projects also integrated the efforts of three experimental tasks and computation fluid dynamics (CFD) into one coherent program.

Conceptual Design

Drs. Robert Frederick, James Blackmon, and Brian Landrum have significant experience in propulsion research and conceptual system design with new technologies. They have performed system-level concept designs for near- and far-term vehicles. These include tactical missile systems, guided bullets, launch vehicles, rotorcraft, and others. These projects involved the management of integrated product teams, use of subject matter experts, and organization of technical symposia. The projects also involved assessment and down select of new technologies in the context of notional operational environments. The work has been primarily sponsored by NASA, MDA, and The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC).

Technology Assessment

The PRC team can evaluate the customer needs and develop a list of technologies ranging from near-term to emerging. These selections are vetted by technical experts both within the university and from our partners around the country.  Expert input from our customers and staff provides insight on potential payoffs related to the ability of a technology to enhance performance, reduce risk, lower cost, optimize producibility, or mitigate environmental constraints on deployment or transport of systems.

The UAH PRC has significant ties to the government workforce at Redstone Arsenal. In addition, we are affiliated with a broad network of universities and industries across the country. This enables the team to reach out to the “best of the best” for identification of state-of-the-art analytical methods and manufacturing technologies as well as testing, instrumentation, and data assessment techniques.

Literature Assessment

The Propulsion Research Center offers literature reviews on various technical topics.  We can collect bibliographies, evaluate papers, and write summaries of the state-of-the-art in technical areas of propulsion and propulsion-related technologies.  For topics in the public domain, graduate students from the UAH Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering are available to perform this assessment.