The Propulsion Research Center utilizes a core group of staff researchers. These researchers work in conjunction with UAH faculty and students to accomplish our mission. Experts from all departments of the university are available for research projects. We also subcontract with outside government agencies, corporations and other entities to form a comprehensive research team.

The reference chart below highlights our key staff and faculty areas of expertise  associated with our center’s core competencies.

Core Competencies

  • Liquid Propulsion
    • Combustion Instability
    • Advanced Diagnostics
    • Injector Design/Analysis/Testing
  • Numerical Analysis
    • Sprays
    • Acoustics
  • Solid Propulsion
    • Burning Rate Determination
    • Propellant Mixing
  • Electric Propulsion
    • Plasma Modeling
    • Plume Characterization
  • Aerospace Vehicle Design
  • Related Technologies