Frequently Asked Questions About Technology Commercialization

The following sections explain various aspects of technology commercialization at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. To go directly to a particular section, please click on its heading.

If you have additional questions regarding intellectual property, patenting, or commercialization, please contact the UAH Office of Technology Commercialization by email or by calling 256-824-6620.

Protecting and Evaluating Intellectual Property

How does UAH evaluate whether intellectual property should be protected?
What is the Bayh-Dole Act and what is its significance?
What is the current UAH Patent Policy and where can I get a copy?
Who owns intellectual property created at UAH?
How can I best document the process of my IP to protect its patentability?
When should I contact OTC, and why is this important?
Whom should I contact if I think I have intellectual property to disclose to UAH?


What can be patented?
What is a patent?

Patenting and Licensing

What is licensing?
How long does it take to receive a patent?
What is the approximate cost to file a patent?

Technology Commercialization

If I have questions, whom should I contact?


How does the commercialization process work?