Visit Authorization Letters

Visit Requests

There are several things to keep in mind when you are requesting a Visit Request be sent:

  1. It is important that the individual needing the visit request complete the Visit Worksheet in full to include complete location, fax number, POC, etc. It is not the responsibility of the ORS office to get this information. We do not know where you are visiting or where you need access to.
  2. Please verify all the information is correct on the worksheet prior to sending to the ORS
  3. The ORS office does not have time or the manpower to pull files and find out what facilities that individuals have requested in the past. This, again, is the responsibility of the individual needing the visit request sent
  4. Lastly, the visit worksheets need to be submitted to the ORS 10 days prior to the visit when possible in order to avoid a possible denial of entrance at the site of your visit.
  5. Please submit the Visit Authorization Request (VAR) Worksheet as far in advance of the planned visit as possible. This worksheet should be mailed to The information in bold print on the worksheet is mandatory.
  6. Keep in mind that the process may require coordination with a federal agency to obtain Need-to-Know certification before we can send this Visit Authorization Request. This, of course, may slow the process somewhat so please allow us as much time as possible by notifying us as soon as you knoe the visit is necessary.

We will continue to do our best to support each and every one of you in a timely manner. Your assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated.

Passing A Clearance

Clearance are passed in three ways...
  • VALs are used to pass secret and top secret clearances. 10 days advance notice is required to ensure proper processing of the request.
  • PERM CERTS are used to pass requests for SCI access. 3-4 weeks advance notice is required, allowing sufficient time for the government to respond.
  • International Visit Requests - secret and top secret clearances to locations other than a US Government location. 30 days notice is required.
None of the above can be hand carried; they must be transmitted security office to security office. This allows the receiving facility the opportunity to approve or disapprove the visit.


Required Information: 10 days prior to the planned trip or meeting, you must complete a VAL for to include...
  • Name of place being visited
  • Name of security officer
  • Security phone and fax number
  • Purpose of visit
  • Contract number or contract name
  • Non security point of contact
  • Dates of visit
  • Your full name and SSN
Employees Responsibility: It is the employee's responsibility to complete the form and get the information to their local FSO or security assistant for processing.