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OPD works to provide personalized assistance and guidance throughout the pre-submission phase of proposal development. OPD can assist with large team projects, as well as individual faculty and researchers on a priority basis.

Services offered

  • Development, coordination, and review of large-scale, multi-stakeholder proposal captures.

  • Development of schedules, checklists, and outlines that assist in the organization and writing of a proposal's major components.

  • Boilerplate materials, such as institutional language approved for use within proposal narratives, facilities descriptions, best practice recommendations, and other resources – access to boilerplate materials is restricted to UAH personnel through the myUAH portal.

  • Multi-agency funding opportunities and resources provided through the Weekly Funding Bulletin.

  • Individual assistance with identifying funding opportunities for specific research interests.

  • Training Opportunities jointly offered by OPD and OSP.

  • Assistance with editing and critique of all narratives, biographical sketches, content alignment with solicitation requirements, and other required documents.

  • Individual assistance and review of singular proposals as time permits.


  • The ability to identify, encourage, and coordinate large, long-term, multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary, and/or multi-agency proposal captures.

  • The ability to facilitate networking strategies and partnership initiatives across colleges, departments, research centers, outside academia, industry, local, state, and federal government agencies.

  • The ability to provide detailed support throughout the pre-award phase of proposal development.

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