All training required for work and research is determined by supervisors.  Supervisors determine the hazards associated with routine and non-routine operations.  After this determination has been made the supervisor ensures their faculty and staff receives broad training through the OEHS and task specific training through the respective department.  A New Employee Safety Orientation Form  has been developed to assist Supervisors in this endeavor.

The OEHS maintains the On-Line safety training documentation and OEHS Classroom Training. OEHS will provide a copy to the department administrative assistant or upon request of the employee. 


Training Class Schedule

Contact Bobby Dempsey at 824-2352 for additional information. 



Art Safety (ppt)

Back Safety (ppt)

Bloodborne Pathogens (ppt)

Compressed Gas Safety (ppt)

Evacuation Procedures for Building Floor Captains (pdf)

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher (ppt)

Radiation Fundamentals (ppt)

Hazard Communications with GHS (pdf)

Hazardous Waste Management Refresher (ppt)

Laboratory Safety Refresher (ppt)

Lockout Tagout (ppt)

Asbestos Awareness (ppt)

Personal Protective Equipment for the Lab  (ppt)

Personal Protective Equipment (ppt)

Radiation Safety Training (ppt)

DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations for Central Receiving and Shipping (ppt)

UAH Safety Orientation (pdf)