Psychology Research Labs

UAH's psychology research labs provide undergrad and graduate students with a variety of opportunities to extend their learning and experience within the field of psychology. Students participate as volunteers and researchers in all six of our research labs. The hands-on practice provides all students with a deeper understanding of the research methods employed by experimental psychology. And for students interested in experimental psychology beyond the bachelor's degree, our labs are a great chance to work on research projects that have the potential for professional publication or presentation.

Teamwork and Social Cognition                                                                                    Faculty: Dr. Sandra Carpenter

Both large and small areas are available for team interaction research. Videotaping equipment can be used in either space. With the help of Computer Science faculty, a software program to elicit and compare team members' mental models has been created. Computers and software for online data collection are also available.

Privacy in Cyberspace                                                                                      Faculty: Dr. Sandra Carpenter

This lab has dedicated space for website development, data collection, and analysis. Software and hardware for eye tracking (used to study attention focus on websites) as well as software for online data collection, are available.

Memory & Cognition                                                                                                           Faculty: Dr. Jeffrey Neuschatz

2 adjacent rooms for conducting experiments. Each rooms contains chairs, computers, televisions, VCRs and a DVD player. There is also equipment available for videotaping stimulus or in our case staged crimes.

Personality Testing & Assessment                                                                                Faculty: Dr. Eric Seemann

Our research focuses on theory development and the measurement of various traits, including intelligence, personality, and certain aspects of psychopathology. We conduct research to determine whether measures of these traits are reliable and valid and whether they are subject to faking or other attempts to distort the test. Student research interests are encouraged, especially if they are related to psychometric measurement, personality, or topics related to clinical/counseling psychology.

Psychobiology                                                                                                                      Faculty: Dr. Aurora Torres

2 adjacent rooms share a one-way mirror. Physiological recording equipment includes a Dinmap Vital Signs monitor for cardiovascular measures, portable wrist monitors for blood pressure, and Biopac system for physiological recording (EKG, EMG, GSR, Temperature, EEG). Ancillary equipment includes weight scales and a compact refrigerator/freezer unit.

Lifelong Learning Lab                                                                                                         Faculty: Dr. Jodi Price

Two adjacent rooms (Morton Hall 136 and 138) comprise the Lifelong Learning Lab. The testing room allows us to run experimental sessions with up to eight participants at a time using computerized and paper-based measures. The second room accommodates paper-based testing of five more participants as well as space for the researchers to score, analyze and securely store data.