ILC Faculty and Staff Bios


Kerrin H. Ramachandran
ESL Instructor

Kerrin H. Ramachandran is a native of Huntsville, Alabama. A graduate of Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama in 1996 with a B.A. in Elementary Education, Kerrin taught first grade for the Huntsville City Schools system for seven years. Receiving her M.A. in English from UAH in 2006, she has worked as an instructor in the ILC for four years. Her research interests include pedagogy, sociolinguistic topics, and curriculum.

Kerrin Ramachandran's Curriculum Vitae


E. Yalitza LaFontaine
ESL Instructor

Edith Yalitza LaFontaine was born in Puerto Rico. Yalitza completed her B.A. in English with minors in Secondary Education and Latin American Studies at Middle Tennessee State University. She taught 8th grade English at Central Middle School in Murfreesboro, TN before moving to Huntsville, AL and completing her M.A. in English at UAH. Ms. LaFontaine has taught English grammar and composition at Calhoun College and Drake State Technical College. She has taught a variety of classes for the ILC program at UAH since 2009 and spends most of her personal time with her three children (ages 11-20). She enjoys traveling, movie-going, archery, sports, and culinary exploration.

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RyanRyan Cate-Gibson
ESL Instructor

Stephanie Ryan Cate-Gibson, M.A., Doctoral Studies, Political Science University of Innsbruck Austria, is a U.S. Scholar from North Carolina who spent most of the early 2000’s in the Middle East doing fieldwork and teaching at different universities across the Arabian Peninsula. Ryan has conducted numerous projects in Oman with both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Media and Information. In addition, she worked closely with Kingdom Schools and Prince Mohamed University during their early development in Saudi Arabia. She is presently working on a project with colleagues from  the Department of Education at the Freie University of Bolzano in Italy and the Netherlands. Her current research includes socio-political and cultural studies involving performative social science projects related to language, gender, family, migration, the Arab Diaspora and the technological impacts on cultural identity formation and language.

Ryan Cate-Gibson's Curriculum Vitae