Honors Advisement


Students may meet with the Honors College Administrator/Advisor for Honors advisement at any time.
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Student Advisement

Beth Wilson

Honors College Administrator and Advisor


Honors students now get priority registration!

The Honors College advisor can gauge your progress towards the Honors diploma and keep you informed of changes and new Honors course opportunities. It's recommended that students meet with their college advisor first and then meet with the Honors College advisor. You can find college advisor and other UAH resource information in the UAH Student Resource Guide.

The Honors College has college specific worksheets that can be used to keep track of a student's progress toward their Honors College requirements.


Important Forms

Honors Contract Proposal Form

Honors Thesis/Project Proposal Form

Honors Thesis Title Page/Copyright Permission Form

Honors Internship (HON 400) Proposal Form

Honors Credit Completion Form

Stay in touch! The best way to complete the Honors College curriculum is to keep in touch with the Honors Office. Ask questions! The Honors College Advisor is here to help with whatever you need, so feel free to ask questions. If we don't know the answer, we'll find out!

Staying in the Honors College

In order to remain in the Honors College in good standing, you must maintain a 3.25 overall GPA.  You must have a 3.25 overall GPA to graduate with the Honors Diploma or Honors Certificate. Any exceptions must be approved in writing by the Dean.

At the end of each fall and spring semester, all Honors student records will be evaluated for compliance with the above standards. Students who do not meet the standards will be placed on a probationary status in the Honors College. This status will last until the end of the next semester (not including summer). If a student still does not meet the standards at that time, then we will change your standing to "inactive" and you will lose all privileges associated with membership in the Honors College. In order to be re-instated, you must meet with the Dean and re-apply.

Students whose standing may be in jeopardy are encouraged to meet with the Honors Office to develop a plan that will ensure their continued good standing.

Honors Tutors

The Honors College has math tutors available for all Honors Students. If you are concerned about your math class, and want to make sure you understand the material, they are available many times during the week. The Honors Tutors have been trained by the Student Success Center and they know their math (and other subjects as well)! You can make an appointment with tutors at http://uahhonorstutoring.setmore.com. For questions, you can contact tutors by sending an email to honorstutors@uah.edu.

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