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Computer  (Approved CPE Electives)

Electrical  (Approved EE Track Sequences)

Industrial & Systems



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Registration Forms and Documents

Web Registration Agreement
Curriculum advising form used to receive Registration Access Code (RAC)

Request for Registration Override
For requesting an override for a course

HSBS/HFA Requirements 
History, Social & Behavioral Science (HSBS) and Humanities/Fine Art (HFA) requirements for engineering students.

Computer Engineering Electives
Approved list of courses that satisfy Computer Engineering Electives.

Electrical Engineering Track Sequence Electives
Approved list of sequences that satisfy Electrical Engineering Tracks.

Transfer Equivalency Guide
Comparison of UAH course credits with Alabama community colleges.

Letter of Good Standing
For taking classes at other 4yr or 2yr institutions as a transient student

Schedule Adjustment Form
Form used for late addition of courses or other curriculum changes. To request a late withdrawal, students must pick up form from Charger Central.

Change of College and Change of Major Forms

Change of College
To change major from one college (e.g. science) to another college (e.g. engineering)

Change of Engineering Major
To change from one engineering major (e.g. mechanical) to another engineering major (e.g. electrical).

Other Academic Forms

Pass/Fail Request
Form to request a pass/fail course grade option (due to Charger Central approx. 3 weeks after classes begin)

JUMP Application Form
Application for Joint Undergraduate-Masters Program.

FERPA Release Form
Student release form for parental/guardian conferences.

College of Engineering Academic Progress Policy
Description of the College's new Academic Progress Policy for 2015

Undergraduate Programs of Studies and Minors