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Electrical and Computer

This is an exciting time to pursue a career in Electrical, Computer, and Optical Engineering! Smart Phones, Large-Screen TV's, Tablets, high-end video gaming systems now saturate the consumer marketplace. Secure wireless technology combine with the internet to allow people and devices to routinely communicate with one another whether they are located across the room or across the world. Ubiquitous embedded computer systems are present everywhere, from smart cards, RF-Id systems, to the health monitoring and control systems that are available in the host of wearable and implantable medical devices. Advanced automotive sensor/control systems now allow for autonomous or near autonomous operation. Multi-core high performance computer systems are now capable of solving scientific problems which were much too large to solve, even a few years ago. Network centric cloud computing methodologies are expanding, cyber-security is advancing, and electronic devices are still continuing to shrink making it possible to place more functionality inside each integrated circuit.

Our programs within the Electrical and Computer Engineering are designed to not simply train students to be users of current technology but to educate them in a manner where they actually understand how this technology works. This allows them to be innovators throughout their lives and become active contributors to the ever-changing technological landscape.

The ECE Department offers courses and programs across the compass and spectrum of electrical and computer engineering. Our curricula are specifically designed to enable you to tailor your programs to suit your individual needs by selecting appropriate courses, from computer, electrical, and optical engineering programs. We are in the process of updating these web pages so that they will adequately reflect the activities of our department in education and research. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way!


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