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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Welcome Back UAH ECE Students!

The faculty and staff of the ECE Department would like to welcome all our students to another academic year at UAH! Our goal at UAH is to enrich your life by preparing you for the wide range of professional opportunities open to ECE graduates as well as to give you a complete college experience. Whether you are full time, part time, undergraduate or a graduate student you are very important to us. Thank you for choosing UAH!

We wanted to remind everyone to take time to see what is happening both within our department and around campus. There are a lot of exciting events scheduled to occur in the upcoming weeks. Also, in addition to your academic study, do not forget to get involved in some of the wide range of activities, events and organizations at UAH.


Open Positions

General ECE Faculty Search (all areas)

Chairperson Search for Electrical and Computer Engineering

Important Links

Joint Undergraduate Masters Program (JUMP)

ECE Dissertation and Thesis Defenses and Departmental Seminars