Armed Assailants & Shooting Incidents

If the situation should arise that someone has entered the campus area and started shooting, the following list of actions is recommended. Please note, that these situations are highly unpredictable and that the following guidelines are based on past experiences and best practices. Altering response may be necessary, depending on the situation.

If you hear shots:

If you hear shots, or a lockdown warning or notice is received, do the following:

  1. Go to the nearest room, office or closet.
  2. Close, lock, and barricade doors.
  3. Turn off radios, computer monitors and silence cell phones.
  4. If possible, cover the door or windows.
  5. Stay quiet and stay out of view. Take adequate cover/protection (concrete walls, thick desks, filing cabinets, etc.)
  6. DO NOT answer the door
  7. Notify Police at 911 or 256-824-6911 if it is reasonably safe to do so
  8. Give the dispatcher the following information
    • Your name
    • Location of incident (as specific as possible)
    • Injuries (number and type)
    • Number of known shooters
    • Identification or description of the shooter(s)
    • Type of weapon (handgun, rifle, etc.)
    • Your current location
    • Location of known victims
  9. Place signs on exterior windows to identify the location of injured persons
  10. Wait for police and/or emergency workers to assist you out of the building

Police Response

Police are trained to respond to an active shooting incident by entering the building as soon as possible and proceeding to the area of the assailant. Early in the incident it may be impossible to deliver medical treatment to victims, because the main goal is neutralizing the assailant. Try to remain as calm as possible so as not to interfere with police operations. Once the area has been secured, rescue teams will arrive to provide assistance.

Follow all instructions issued by police.  You may be asked to submit to search, instructed to lie on the floor, told to evacuate, or given other instructions.  It is important that you comply with these instructions quickly and calmly.

Informational and Awareness Resources

For your assistance, UAHuntsville has made available two video presentations that discuss armed assailants and what you can do to protect yourself. One video was developed for students, another for faculty staff.

They may be viewed using the following links:


Faculty and Staff

Note: These links are available only on computers connected to the UAHuntsville computer network. They are not available for viewing outside the UAHuntsville intranet.

Other Active Shooter Preparedness Resources