Meet Your Counselor: Britney Deutschendorf


Name: Britney Deutschendorfadm home

Hometown: Madison, AL

Phone: 256.824.2769


Territory: Madison County (Alabama)



Get to know Britney

What High School did you graduate from?
Bob Jones High School

What University did you graduate from?
The University of Alabama in Huntsville

What did you earn your degree in?
BA in Sociology with a minor in Psychology 

When you were a student, what were some of your favorite things about UAH?
Having my own individual bedroom in the residence halls, the amazing and caring faculty and staff, and events on campus like ACE, Housing programs, Hockey & Basketball games, Movies in the courtyard...

What made you want to be an Admissions Counselor?
After working in housing for three years as a desk assistant, RA, and Senior RA I realized that I truly enjoyed working with students. I loved spending time with my residents and helping them with whatever their need was. My heart is truly with high school seniors and college freshman. It is so exciting to be able to help students figure out what they are passionate about and which university they will fit best at. It makes me smile when I receive thank you cards, notes, and emails from students I have helped complete their admissions process and it's even more awesome when I get to see them graduate! I love my job!

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