Accounting Careers can take a person to unexpected opportunities. Graduates may find themselves tracking illegal funds for the FBI or preparing financial statements for multi-billion dollar firms. Generally, accounting career paths can be described as financial reporting, assurance, budget analysis, management accounting, tax accounting, and federal contract accounting. Accountants may find work for public accounting firms, public or private corporations, governments at all levels, or for themselves with a private practice.

Accounting Concentrations

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

The Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy requires a minimum of both credit hours and course content in order to sit for the CPA examination. The current (2012) requirements are 150 credit hours and content coverage of financial accounting, auditing, taxation, management accounting, governmental and not-for-profit accounting, business law, and accounting electives. Therefore, students considering CPA certification will need course work in accounting beyond the minimum requirements for the BSBA degree.

Prior to taking the CPA examination, a rigorous review course may be necessary to improve one’s ability to pass the examination. ACC 580 (Professional Certification) provides a complete and thorough examination and review of each of the four areas of the Accounting Standards and Procedures (Regulation, Business Environment and Concepts, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Auditing and Attestation).

Proper planning and assistance from the advising office in choosing electives can help meet these requirements.  In addition, the College can structure a 4+1 program that prepares students for the CPA exam.  The program meets or exceeds the requirements for professional accounting certification, and involves 4 years of undergraduate study plus 1 year of graduate study ending with the Master of Accountancy degree.  The 4+1 program also provides the graduate with enough graduate-level hours in accounting to teach accounting at the community college and university levels.  

CPA Prep 4+1 Program

The College’s CPA Prep 4+1 Program provides an efficient way for students to complete their BSBA in accounting, complete the requirements to sit for the CPA exam, and obtain a Master of Accountancy degree, all in 5 years.  The program includes 4 years of undergraduate study (leading to the BSBA with a major in Accounting) plus 1 year of full-time graduate study (culminating in the Master of Accountancy degree).  Students who complete the CPA Prep 4+1 Program and pass the CPA exam have assembled an impressive set of credentials. Contact the College's Director of Academic Advising for more information.

Accounting Faculty



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