Using Charger Path, employers can post positions and view resumes free of charge.

Charger Path also provides you with a platform to schedule on campus recruiting positions where you can pre-select candidates and come to campus for interviews. The Career Services office will work with you to reserve the appropriate space and provide any items that you may need.

You can also schedule information sessions or workshops that you would like to provide for students and alumni. Once you request an event, the Career Services office will contact you immediately and work with you to accommodate your needs.

Employer Information

When hiring a UAH student the following forms must be sent to Human Resources:

  • Student Offer Letter
  • Signed On-Campus Application / Drug-Free Statement
  • Employee Profile

Students CANNOT begin working until the department receives a satisfactory background check and the student has completed the I-9 form and all payroll information.

Hiring a Charger

Step by Step Process to Hire a Student

On Campus Employer Handbook

Student Wage Classification

On-Campus Employment Training Presentation

Departmental Hiring Checklist

On Campus Job Application with Drug Free Statement

Student Employee Job Description

Student Employment Offer Letter (REQUIRED)

I-9 Employment Information

I-9 Form

Employee Profile


Hiring Co-ops and Interns is a simple process. If you are a new employer, you'll need to register your company with Charger Path, our career management system. This is a free service to employers and takes a minimal amount of time; details on accessing Charger Path are shown below. Once your account has been created, you can easily post positions or view resume books.

Cooperative Education opportunities are degree related and are supervised by professionals. These positions are always paid and are offered to students for multiple semester. Work assignments can alternate with school semesters (Alternating Program) or run simultaneously with school semesters (Parallel Program).

Because experiential learning programs are academic programs, we work in conjunction with the Student Success Center, which means we also focus on our students' academic progress. We want to make sure that students are receiving the support they need academically while they are receiving outstanding experience in their field. When students work through our office, we help ensure that they stay on a positive track toward graduation.

Co-ops and internships should run concurrently with the University's academic calendar. View our current academic calendars.


Internships can be credit bearing or non-credit bearing. In order to receive credit for an internship, a student must have a complete job description to present to his/her advisor for approval. Once the position has been approved, the student may begin employment based upon the employer's needs.

Internships are one semester work assignments that are also degree related and supervised by professionals. These positions are typcially paid and are generally offered during the summer. Please notify the Career Office when presenting a job offer to a student for either co-ops or internships.

International Students

Many international students would like to gain applied work experience while completing their degree. While there are some employment limitations for international students, knowing your options is the first step in providing opportunities for our students.

For complete employment eligibility information, please feel free to contact the International Student and Scholar Office at  256.824.6055.

Hiring an International Student