World Languages and Cultures

Welcome to UAH’s Department of World Languages and Cultures

We know that the acquisition of a second language can enrich a student’s academic experience and, given today’s multilingual environment and global economy, enhance their career opportunities in almost every field.

That’s why we offer degree programs in some of the world’s most recognized languages – French, German, Russian, and Spanish – as well as introductory and intermediate instruction in Arabic, Japanese, and Latin. Students may also choose to concentrate in Foreign Language and International Trade, which combines foreign language education with coursework in business and international politics.

Of course, when it comes to language, practice makes perfect! So we encourage all of our students to augment their in-classroom training by taking part in extracurricular activities, whether it’s joining a language club, undertaking an international internship, studying abroad, or watching foreign films in our state-of-the-art digital Multimedia Center. 

Through this multifaceted approach, we ensure that graduates of the program leave with more than just the competitive edge that comes with strong foreign language skills. They also leave with a deeper understanding and awareness of cultures beyond their own, enabling them to contribute more fully as global citizens.  


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Alumni Spotlight

Salome Saliashvili '13

BA Spanish

Financial Analyst - Social Tables

"...The internship opportunities I had were crucial... Every semester I did something, so I think I learned a lot. I had a great experience."