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Philosophy Newsletter - Spring 2016

The first UAH Department of Philosophy newsletter features faculty updates, information on upcoming speakers, and personal updates from each of the …

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Ideals may play role in knowledge formation, professor’s research says

Dr. Cling's research is exploring how ideals may pull us along in acquiring better beliefs despite the fact that we cannot have the "fully transparent reasons" our ideals …

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UAH professor takes circuitous route to prestigious fellowship

Dr. Nicholaos Jones, an associate professor at UAH, specializes in the philosophy of science. And next semester, he'll have a unique opportunity to further his research thanks to a visiting fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh's Center for …

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Noted philosopher David Hildebrand to lead annual UAH Philosophy Forum

Noted philosopher David L. Hildebrand will be the keynote speaker for the Annual Philosophy Forum at UAH on Friday, April …

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UAH philosophy graduate receives prestigious fellowship to Penn State

For Rachel King learning was never limited to what was taught in the classroom. Her parents made sure of that. "The example they set for me was to always seek knowledge." …

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UAH Philosophy Department welcomes internationally renowned artist Cheryl Goldsleger

Cheryl Goldsleger, internationally renowned painter and architectural artist will visit Huntsville as an eminent scholar at UAH, Sept …

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