UAH Philosophy Department

The UAH Department of Philosophy promotes the critical evaluation of the basic ideas that structure human experiences. Questions concerning the nature and extent of knowledge, the character of reality, the foundations of value, the distinction between correct and incorrect reasoning, and what makes a political system just are considered in a disciplined and responsible fashion by moving beyond mere "common sense" beliefs and opinions. Philosophy articulates our most basic ideas, evaluates them, and proposes and defends alternatives. Philosophy examines influential historical and contemporary positions on these ideas and the problems they raise, and promotes the development and refinement of the skills necessary to address them responsibly .Philosophy fosters creative and critical thinking, clear communication, a respect for knowledge and the pursuit of truth, and an engagement in the challenge and pleasure of a lifetime of learning.

Our primary goal is to educate our students in the critical reasoning and imaginative thinking skills central to philosophy, as well as to introduce them to the history of both the Eastern and Western Philosophical Tradition. This goal can only be attained by a faculty that is active in philosophical inquiry. All of our faculty consequently engage in research and the publication of original philosophical works. The Department also takes seriously its service responsibilities to the community and therefore promotes educational activities and programs for the university and larger community in the form of public forums, speakers' bureaus, and public talks.

Students who major in philosophy follow a variety of different career paths. Some have gone on to successful careers as philosophy professors. Many have gone on to top law schools and developed thriving law practices. Others have gone on in medicine, business, the arts and a variety of other fields.

This video shows what philosophy can do for you both in and outside the classroom.