Graduate Program in English

The Master of Arts in English is a degree that opens many professional opportunities. Our graduates pursue careers as teachers at the college or secondary school level, technical writers, editors, public relations specialists, journalists, and in just about any other field that requires good reasoning and communication skills. Students in the Master of Arts Degree program at UAH have the opportunity to take coursework with scholars working in their areas of expertise—publishing scholars who are passionate about the literature and theory they teach. Their passion will help ensure that you can take exciting courses with cutting-edge topics, preparing you for whatever path lies ahead. In addition to an array of courses in literature and theory, courses are available in creative writing, technical writing and editing, composition theory and practice, and linguistics.


We offer many options for graduate study:

Master of Arts in English

M.A. in English with Technical Writing Certificate

Technical Writing Certificate (without M.A.)

M.A. in English, Alternative Fifth Year Program for Class A Teacher Certification in English

M.A. in English with TESOL Certificate

ESL Certification (K-12)

JUMP - Joint Undergraduate Master's Program 


APPLY for Graduate Teaching Assistantship/Tuition Scholarship HERE. Due March 1.



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The Department offers many opportunities for students to get involved and advance their academic career in English. For the past several years, the Department has hosted a bi-annual Graduate Student conference, where students can present their work to their peers from other programs regionally and nationally. In addition, several faculty members make a point of bringing graduate students with them to other professional conferences, either to observe or to present their work. Membership in the Upsilon Mu chapter of the International English Honor Society is open to any undergraduate or graduate student who has a minimum 3.0 average in English courses and has completed at least three semesters of college work. The English honorary society, Sigma Tau Delta, is active on the UAH campus, and provides an opportunity for extracurricular social and intellectual contacts among students and faculty. Recent activities included a trip to the Shakespeare Festival, reception for the Shenandoah Shakespeare Express actors, and the annual book sale. For more information please contact the faculty sponsor, Dr. Eric Smith, or email us at




Listed below are the names of the Department’s Graduate Faculty, the institutions from which they received their doctorates, and their general areas of interest. You should feel free to approach any one of them to inquire about the courses that they teach.

  • Angela Balla (University of Michigan): Seventeenth Century Literature
  • Laurel A. Bollinger (Princeton University): Twentieth-Century American Literature; Gender Studies, Science Fiction
  • Joseph Conway (Washington University): Early U.S. Literature and Culture
  • Anna Foy (University of Pennsylvania): 18th Century Literature
  • Alanna Frost (University of Louisville): Rhetoric and Composition Pedagogy; Composition Director
  • Holly Jones (Pennsylvania State University): American Ethnic Literature
  • Jeffrey N. Nelson (University of Chicago): Renaissance Literature; Shakespeare
  • Joy Robinson (Illinois Institute of Technology): Technical Writing and New Media
  • Eric Smith (University of Florida): Anglophone Literature
  • Joseph Taylor (University of Texas at Austin): Medieval Literature
  • Chad Thomas (University of Michigan): Shakespeare; Dramatic Literature; Performance; Sexuality
  • Anna Weber (Purdue University): Contemporary poetry and fiction; memoir/creative non-fiction
  • Ryan Weber (Purdue University): Business and Technical Writing
  • Andrea Word-Allbritton (University of Alabama): Linguistics, Higher Education Administration


The English Department Mission

The English Department is comprised of scholar-teachers committed to the promotion of literacy and the cultivation of scholarly and professional competencies in critical thinking and persuasive writing across a wide spectrum of literary, technical, and rhetorical situations. We foster intellectual and cultural diversity, originality of thought, and clarity and cogency of expression through degree programs designed to advance careful, sophisticated reading practices as well as complex analytical and research skills. We aim to cultivate our students’ management, organization, and production of knowledge. Our curricula prepare students for a wide array of professional endeavors, including law, teaching, publishing, technical communication, advertising, media, and business, as well as the pursuit of advanced degrees.