Updated September 14, 2010
Created June 30, 1997

Only known recording of Woolf's voice (YouTube with slides and captions, 8 minutes of Woolf reading her essay "Craftsmanship" on a BBC broadcast recorded April 29, 1937. (Also included on "Major Authors on CD-ROM: Virginia Woolf" and in the audio cassette collection Moments of Being)

Indigo Girls' song "Virginia Woolf" (text only)

The Dreadnought Hoax (photo)

A recipe for boeuf en daube - page is called A Woolf at the Table, by Gary Allen

Post-Impressionist Art -apropos of the 1910 exhibit in London arranged by Roger Fry, Desmond MacCarthy, and Clive Bell

Books Bound by Woolf - online exhibition of selected books that Woolf bound or re-bound, from the 150 volumes in the personal Library of Leonard and Virginia Woolf located in Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections at Washington State University

Woolf and Modernism - very good links to Woolf's writings on modern fiction, and some of her reviews of modern novels. From a course at the University of Virginia. See also links at Resources for the Study of Modernism.(U of Barcelona).

Virginia Woolf on Women and Fiction - a class project that includes good material, including a collection of images of Woolf

Map of Rodmel - from an online guide to maps from Monk's House, the house in Rodmell, Sussex, where the Woolf's lived.  

Dr. Elisa Kay Sparks' Woolf Seminar at Clemson University (updated September 2010) - includes useful links, visual aids to teaching (maps, outlines), and bibliographies (organized by Woolf's works). 

Virginia Woolf and British Gardens - Lots of links to sites like Vita and Sissinghurst, Vanessa and Charleston, as well as one link on Monk's House, and a lot of links on Kew Gardens (a huge public garden outside of London, the subject of a short work by VW illustrated by Vanessa).

Virginia Woolf and Feminism

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