Upcoming Events:

UAH Social Sustainability Gala

April 11, 2016, 6:30-8:00PM
UAH Shelby center, banquet room 301


Registration now closed.

In our noble and essential efforts to address and promote our most important responsibility; social sustainability and equality, our climate narrative to date has been incomplete. Progress in environmental and economic sustainability overshadows these more important responsibilities of social sustainability and equality. We must start and maintain a community and campus dialogue on achieving social sustainability and environmental justice to move underrepresented minority communities and groups forward and create a more culturally inclusive campus environment.



  • Social sustainability includes human rights, social diversity and inclusion, and the incorporation of culturally diverse groups.
  • Minorities are significantly underrepresented in environmental fields. Less than 16% of positions at environmental organizations are held by people of color.
  • Clean air, land, and water are the rights of all people.
  • Inclusive representation helps prevent discriminatory practices.  
  • It is time to advocate for environmental and social justice for current and future generations. 
  • Please add your voice to the movement.


On April 11th, UAH will hold its first Social Sustainability Gala. All UAH students are invited to an inaugural dinner at the UAH Shelby Center, sponsored by the UAH Offices of Diversity and the Office of Sustainability. Huntsville community and campus environmental and social justice leaders will serve as mentors for UAH students in their specific career fields and advise them on how to represent their unique culture, background, and identity in the dialogue on social sustainability as well as become more aware of other cultures. 


Social Justice and Environmental Mentors will be available in the following disciplines:

Environmental justice, social sustainability, education equality, gender equality, environmental sustainability, social justice and diversity, economics, earth systems science, biological science and sustainable living, student life and student affiars, environmental health and safety, clean energy, environmental sociology, political science, philosophy

Come, participate and learn. Be a part of a sustainable solution.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Haley Hix

Sustainability Coordinator