The SGA Executive Board is made of students elected through a general student-body vote in the spring semester each year. Other students on the Executive Board are appointed by the Student Government President and Vice President.

Nandish Dayal

President sgapresident@uah.edu
Taylor Bono

Taylor Bono

Vice President sgavp@uah.edu
Austin Finley3

Austin Finley 

Consul sgaconsul@uah.edu


Ezekial McBrayer

Ezekiel McBrayer

Director of Organizational Funding ezekielmcbrayer@gmail.com

LaRaine Gatrey

Vice President of Finance sgafinance@uah.edu
Hillary Sharpe2

Hillary Sharpe

Scribe sharpeh@uah.edu


Michele Tisler

Michele Tisler

Higher ED Day Coordinator mat0017@uah.edu
Nhu-an Nguyen

Nhu-an Nguyen

Big Event Coordinator nvn0002@uah.edu

Anna Dillard

Trunk or Treat Coordinator akd0006@uah.edu