Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs

UAH provides a number of programs and activities to cultivate a foundation of leadership skills. Through participation in these programs, students ignite the leader within and begin carving their path at UAH. No matter your previous leadership experience, there is an opportunity for you! These opportunities are designed to enhance personal growth, leadership skills, and community involvement.


Aspire provides first-year students with an opportunity to meet, learn from, and network with student leaders, faculty, and staff. Aspire members will learn about themselves and their leadership style, focus on strengthening leadership skills, and build relationships. Students are selected during the fall semester through an application process.


Empower provides second-year students with the skills and connections to become a campus leader. Empower will develop a group of young collegians to support current campus activities and create a pool of qualified individuals to serve our campus community as leaders in a variety of organizations such as SGA, ACE, and Lancers. Students are selected for this program during the spring semester of their first year.


Impact provides junior-level students with the opportunity to take their leadership development to the next level. Impact prepares students to effectively lead their respective campus organizations and work within the community. Students gain a global perspective through exploring diversity within leadership and understanding cultural influences. Students are selected for this program during the spring semester of their second year.


Lead provides senior-level and graduate students the opportunity to conclude their journey in leadership development on campus. Students will network with alumni, explore leadership opportunities within their professional field and community, and prepare for life after college. Lead also allows these students to gain perspectives on how to be successful leaders as young professionals.

Leadership Programs Requirements

  • Minimum GPA: 2.5
  • Demonstrated campus involvement
  • Record of school and personal achievements
  • Commitment of necessary time and effort to complete program