Who We Are & What We Do

2014-2015 ACE Executive Board
PRESIDENT: Hannah Kirsopp
PR/MARKETING: Kelly Saylor
REC & LEISURE: Aaron Shepherd
CU SOUNDS: Sarah Iftikhar & Jessica Lockett

Committee Descriptions
CU Sounds:  A great way to showacse student talent and an occasional local artist or up and coming acoustic or spoken word performance.  Each Friday evening, the Charger Union turns into a coffee house feel and some of our very own Chargers take the stage to entertain.
Entertainment: Like live music? Love to laugh? Looking to be entertained? You won't want to miss one of these events! The Entertainment committee is responsible for live entertainment including hypnotists, comedians, concerts, lectures, and open-mic nights.
Recreation and Leisure: Want to be out and about on campus? Need to get away for a day? This committee provided interactive opportunities on campus as well as trips to theme parks, sporting events and other day trip destinations.
Saturday Night Live (SNL):  Looking for something to do on campus over the weekend?  This position is responsibile for organizaing events every other Saturday for students to enjoy.  Programs vary and will not only highlight genres covered by exisiting committees but will add in some new ideas as well!