Charger Path

Charger Path is our career management system exclusively for currently enrolled UAH students and alumni.


All students receive an account when they are enrolled in classes and all alumni can register free of charge. Students can log into Charger Path from any website by going to the appropriate link given above and logging in with their Charger credentials.


UAH Career Services, including Charger Path, are available to all alumni for a lifetime free of charge. If you are seeking employment, please create your profile and upload your resume.

What can you do with your Charger Path account?

Charger Path is the starting place to search for co-ops and internships. One of the requirements to participate in co-ops or internships is to have a complete Charger Path profile, including an uploaded and approved resume.

  • Have all your documents (resumes, cover letters, transcripts, writing samples, etc.) reviewed by your career coordinator.

  • If there are any revisions needed, your career coordinator will make appropriate suggestions. When there are no revisions needed, your resume will be approved through Charger Path and you can begin applying for positions.

  • Apply for positions.

  • All positions that the Career Office is aware of (co-ops, internships, on-campus, off-campus and degree related) are posted on Charger Path. You have access to positions posted through UAH and through the Extended Job Search Network which is the job board for the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

  • Have your resume viewed by employers.

  • Once your resume is approved, employers can search for your resume and contact you with job opportunities.

  • Schedule an appointment with your Career Coordinator.

  • Use the calendar feature in Charger Path to schedule appointments with your career coordinator.

  • View sample resumes and cover letters.

  • Charger Path has a repository of sample documents and information that will help you develop your resume and cover letters.

  • Learn about recruiting events, seminars and workshops.

  • Career related announcements and events that are related exclusively to your major are posted on your Charger Path home page, so you can stay informed about workshops and recruiting events on campus.


Employers can create an account, post positions and view resumes free of charge.

Charger Path also provides you with a platform to schedule on campus recruiting positions where you can pre-select candidates and come to campus for interviews. The Career Services office will work with you to reserve the appropriate space and provide any items that you may need.

You can also schedule information sessions or workshops that you would like to provide for students and alumni. Once you request an event, the Career Services office will contact you immediately and work with you to accommodate your needs.