Accelerometer Calibration System Specs

Manufacturer: The Modal Shop

Type/Model: 9155C

Frequency Range: 5Hz-10kHz

Typical Measurement Uncertainty:

  • 2.2% (5-10Hz)
  • 1.2% (10-100Hz)
  • 0.7% (100Hz)
  • 1.0% (100-1,000Hz)
  • 1.4% (1,000-5,000Hz)
  • 1.9% (5,000-10,000Hz)

Calibration Method: Back-to-back comparison per ISO 16063-21

Measurements: Sensitivity, Amplitude, Phase, Bias, Resonance, Linearity, Shock, DC Offset, Bridge Resistance, DC Sensitivity

Accelerometers Supported: ICP®, Charge, Voltage, Capacitive, Piezoresistive, CVLD

Sensors Supported: Acceleration, Velocity

TEDS Sensor Support: IEEE 1451.4, IEEE P1451.4

Excitation Type: Stepped Sine, Multi-Sine

Acceleration Levels: 0.1 to 10 gpk




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