Darlene Showalter, DNP, RN, CNS

Darlene Showalter

Darlene Showalter, DNP, RN, CNS
Interim Assistant Dean, Senior Year
Clinical Associate Professor

Office: NUR 317 


  • DNP: Joint programs UAH, UAB, UA
  • MSN: University of South Carolina
  • BSN: Southern Adventist University
  • ADN: Southern Adventist University

Professional Certifications

  • CNS

Clinical Expertise

  • Obstetrics

Teaching Responsibilities

  • NUR403 Family centered parent-infant nursing

Service Activities

  • North Alabama RPAC/Infant Death Review Council
  • CON Faculty Council
  • CON Curriculum Transformation Task Force
  • CON Undergraduate Progression Committee

Research Interests

  • Intrapartum nursing
  • Care of the high-risk prenatal woman
  • Breastfeeding: Skin-to-skin contact
  • Nursing student retention

Publications and Presentations

  • Showalter, D. Early Skin-to-skin contact: the Golden Hour. Gold Standard Regional Lactation Conference, Tanner, AL, 9/13 (Oral Presentation)
  • Showalter, D. Mining for Gold: utilization of A2 admission assessment data to predict student success in nursing program. UAHuntsville, AL, 4/12 (Oral presentation to undergraduate course managers)
  • Showalter, D. North Alabama 13th Annual Perinatal Conference: Skin-to-skin contact: what does the research say? Huntsville, AL, 10/12 (Oral Presentation)
  • Showalter, D. (2012). Formation of Breastfeeding Attitudes Among Nursing Students. Clinical Lactation, 2(3), 69-74. (Publication in peer reviewed journal)
  • Showalter, D. Implementation of a clinical guideline for skin-to-skin contact and early breastfeeding in a labor & delivery unit. Joint DNP Intensive, UAB, UAH, UA. University of Alabama in Birmingham, AL, 3/12 (Poster presentation)
  • Showalter, D. (with panel: Dr. O'Neal & M. Bonilla). Multicultural aspects of nursing education. Nursing Education: How we do it- a workshop. UAHuntsvile, Huntsville, AL, 3/12 (Panel presentation)
  • Showalter, D. (with R. Ferguson). Promoting and Assessing Critical Thinking in the Classroom. Nursing Education: How we do it- a workshop. UAHuntsvile, Huntsville, AL, 3/12