The Nano and Micro Devices Center (NMDC) at UAHuntsville has established an external user base to promote growth of the center, improve educational opportunities for UAHuntsville students, and provide a national resource for Nano and Micro Device research. 

Customer Support and User Programs

Becoming a NMDC Partner!

Step 1:
Read the IP statement regarding work performed at the NMDC and choose a type of usage plan. 

Step 2:
Contact Patrick Reardon, Associate NMDC Director, via email ( or phone (256-824-2530). Dr. Reardon and his group members can advise you on the feasibility of your proposed project at our facility and can give an approximate timeline and cost estimate. 

Step 3:
Upon this initial contact, you will be asked to submit a brief project description that discusses the nature of the work to be performed. Please download the Project Application Form

Step 4:
After review and acceptance, user contracts and/or cooperative research agreements will be provided as needed. 

Step 5:
Return the completed contract with a purchase order. 

Setting up a new project can take one to two weeks to ensure all details and requirements are correct. There is a required orientation and safety training course (about 6 hours spread over 2 days). Many new users change their plan of attack significantly once they arrive and become better acquainted with the facility, it's faculty/staff, and capabilities.