New free phone application tracks air quality; instant data for people with respiratory issues

closeup image of the MAQI application on a smart phone

People with respiratory problems can get an instant up-to-date local report on a key air pollutant through a new free mobile phone app created at UAHuntsville.


Social media not just for teens

Sandra Harper

Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi are all connected by the Gulf Coast, and as such, they all have a stake in the area's economic and environmental viability. So it makes sense that multidisciplinary researchers in these states are pooling together their knowledge, experience, data, and technologies as part of the National Science Foundation Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)-sponsored Northern Gulf Coastal Hazards Collaboratory (NG CHC).


UAHuntsville professor conducts study of psychology behind disaster decisions

Dr. Marita O'Brien

We all know about preparations typically made ahead of time for disasters – filling our gas tanks, stocking up on batteries and food, retrieving our weather radios. But what about the psychology behind our decision-making when a disaster actually strikes?


UAHuntsville students hope glove keyboard will revolutionize use of devices with one hand

Jiake Liu showing off the gauntlet glove

Give a hand to some computer engineering students at UAHuntsville for designing a tool that could revolutionize new ways of using electronic devices with just one hand.


UAHuntsville RCEU program highlights students’ recent achievements

illustration of oil coming out of a leaf

Students in the UAHuntsville Research and Creative Experiences for Undergraduates Program recently presented results of their research at the 43rd International Symposium on Essential Oils in Lisbon, Portugal.


UAH working to enhance use of off-the-shelf helicopters for military and commercial use


What amounts to serious scientific research could, at first glance, be mistaken for students at The University of Alabama in Huntsville letting off a little stress with radio-controlled helicopters.


UAHuntsville graduates find opportunity; develop software to search patent database


It was conversations with lawyers, engineers, and inventors, when a trio of graduates of UAHuntsville discovered that the same frustrations kept coming up.


Smith chosen interim research vice president; committee established to lead national search

Dean SmithTN

Dean Smith has been named interim vice president for research for UAHuntsville, officials with the university announced today.


UAHuntsville student seeking ‘Holy Grail’ of rocket propulsion system

holygrailTNCan a device formerly used to test nuclear weapons effects find a new life in rocket propulsion research? That is the question in which researchers at UAHuntsville seek an answer.


The climate of our forefathers

dry cornTNFour hot summers in the past six year and June temperatures topping the 100-degree mark across the state have Alabama's state climatologist wondering if the state might be returning to the hotter summer climate that once was normal for this part of the country.