UAH professor survives earthquake, seeks to make structures safer

Dr. Ying-Cheng Lin, an Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering in UAH’s College of Engineering, studies the behavior, seismic performance-based design, and reliability of steel structures.

When Dr. Ying-Cheng Lin was an undergraduate majoring structural engineering in Taiwan, he knew that his studies would one day help him land a good job. But he never realized they would also save his life. "In the 1999, a very big earthquake hit Taiwan," says Dr. Lin, an Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering at UAH. At the moment of impact, Lin was home with his girlfriend - now wife - and their dog.


UAH professor examines Violence Against Women in the Americas

Dr. Anne Marie Choup, UAH associate professor of Political Science, at the Commission for Women of the Organization of American States Biennial Delegates’ Assembly last October.

The United States, which often presents itself as a political model for newer democracies in the Americas, cannot make the same claims when it comes to preventing gender based violence, according to UAH political science professor, Dr. Anne Marie Choup. "The United States is actually behind in terms of legislation on Gender-Based Violence, and participation in international agreements on the subject," Choup noted. "For instance, we have not signed onto the 1994 Inter-American Convention on the Prevention, Punishment, and Eradication of Violence Against Women - all other countries in the Western Hemisphere have signed on, except for Canada and Cuba. This is a shame, because our rule of law - our strong judicial system and security services - could implement a lot of the measures that the Convention calls for really well. But the political will is lacking. In this comparative context, we as inpiduals have much to learn from other countries," she explained.


UAH Salsa Club brings dance, cultural awareness to community

Members of the UAH Salsa Club who performed at the Las Vegas Salsa Congress.

Much of the appeal of student-run organizations at UAH is that they bring together students with similar interests. But that doesn't mean the students themselves are similar, says Erick Ordoñez, who has been teaching the members of the UAH Salsa Club for the last couple of years.

"On our salsa team we've got head-bangers, swing dancers, jocks, and nerds. I have someone who doesn't even dance because we don't have enough ladies to partner with him, so he's an alternate!" he says. "But we just come together, and for those hours, we practice. It's a family."


Graduate student Xiaocan Li wins NASA fellowship

Xiaocan Li near an antenna array in New Mexico.

Xiaocan Li, a graduate student in the Dept. of Physics and the Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research (CSPAR) at UAH, has been awarded a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF) for the 2013-14 academic year.

His proposal was one of six awarded from a total of 37 heliophysics research applications NASA received. He recently concluded work as a summer intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Xiaocan Li works with his advisor, assistant professor of physics Dr. Gang Li, on particle acceleration mechanisms at solar flares. Solar flares are the most powerful radiation source in our solar system and understanding particle acceleration at solar flares has been a central topic of space plasma physics. Li is focusing on a chaotic magnetic field model and a 3-D magnetic reconnection model.


UAH nursing professor, alumna named "Women Honoring Women" Honorees

Dr. Lori Lioce('98 BSN, '03 MSN, '06 FNPC) at left, was announced as one of the WEDC Foundation outstanding women of our community in the Health and Human Services /Education category by WEDC Foundation Board President Jeanie Glynn at the Westin Hotel, last week during a press conference. Lioce is a clinical assistant professor of nursing at UAH.

UAH College of Nursing's Lori Lioce ('98 BSN, '03 MSN, '06 FNPC), clinical assistant professor of nursing, and alumna Lynn Troy ('92 BSE ), president of Troy 7, Inc., have been named as WEDC Foundation "Women Honoring Women" 2013 Honorees.

The WEDC Foundation made the announcement last week, as the organization begins its annual Women Honoring Women (WHW) celebration. The 2013 WHW event "Our Time Has Come," will be held on Thursday, September 19 from 5:30 p.m., to 7:30 p.m., in the Von Braun Center North Hall. The award recognizes outstanding women of the community who have excelled in their fields of expertise, and in their efforts to help others to improve their quality of life.


UAH partners with Adobe to bring cutting-edge technical communication software to students

Adobe Technical Communication Suite

UAH is joining forces with Adobe Systems Inc. to give students pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication a seriously competitive edge.

How? By providing them with free licenses for the fall semester to the Adobe Technical Communication Suite (TCS), which includes products like FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Captivate, Presenter, Illustrator, and Acrobat.


Two UAH professors named associate deans of the College of Business Administration


The College of Business Administration at UAH is pleased to announce the appointment of two of its faculty members to the position of Associate Dean.

Dr. Yeqing Bao, who currently serves as an Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of International Programs, will become the Associate Dean of Undergraduate & International Programs.


UAH student follows passion, finds career

UAH Student Melissa “Birdie” Jones.

Melissa "Birdie" Jones has declared several majors over the years she has been attending UAH, all in the hopes of one day landing a high-paying job.


Benita Hopkins named major gifts officer in University Advancement


Benita Hopkins has been named major gifts officer in the division of UAH. She began her duties on June 12.


Two new faculty members to join Department of Music this fall


The Department of Music at UAH is pleased to welcome pianist Dr. Melody Ng and baritone Dr. Aaron Cain as Assistant Professors of Music beginning in August 2013.