Students can check out how to get involved in UAH research

Students view the wide world of UAH research at the 2012 Research Open House. This year’s event is even bigger and better.

Want to add some hands-on learning to your student experience at UAH?

Then come to the Student Research Open House on Monday, Aug. 19, being held from 1-4 p.m. in the Von Braun Research Hall. It's sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) of as part of the campus-wide UAH Week of Welcome Aug. 16-24. Students in all majors are encouraged to come.


Music majors parlay classroom skills to real-world setting

Chair of UAH's Music Department Dr. David Ragsdale

UAH offers its students an impressive selection of experiential learning programs, from internships and co-ops to semesters spent studying abroad. It's all part of a larger effort to provide them with hands-on experience and the opportunity to apply the skills they've learned in the classroom to real-world challenges.


ChargerCycles to debut this fall semester

ChargerCycles Grab it Ride it Rack it

UAH is about to get a little greener! In just a few weeks, students will find 50 new ChargerCycles at 9 accessible racks across campus. A joint initiative from the Student Government Association (SGA), the Green Club, UAH Housing, and UAH Facilities, this effort toward sustainability will help alleviate some of UAH's transport and parking issues AND create a safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly campus.


A bright future for one of UAH’s oldest buildings

Artist rendering of Roberts Recital Hall after renovation. Courtesy of the Wenger Corporation

It's universally accepted that Wernher Von Braun's vision and influence were integral to the founding of UAH. But what is less well known is that Dr. Von Braun didn't just want the university to be a bastion of research and engineering. He also wanted it to be a center of cultural enrichment, where students could engage in both science and the arts.

"Education," he said in a 1961 speech, "must prevent people from becoming robots, and young people must acquire the moral and spiritual values adequate to decide wisely the uses which should be made of new knowledge with their minds not fashioned to function as computers, but with heart and soul."


Student Financial Services Office sheds light on student loans, interest rates

Student Financial Services Office staff left to right: Andrew Weaver, Joy Moody, Mary Pat Bohrman, Karen Roland, Crystal Parker, Dana Kitchens, and Amber Bartlett.

Going to college shouldn't mean going into debt. Yet for 60% of students across the country, that's exactly what it means. Today, the average student loan is close to $27,000, up from $12,500 in 1996. What is driving this increase? Andrew Weaver, Director of Student Financial Services at UAH, says two things: the economy and the cost of education.


Upgraded mass communication system enhances student safety

DSC 7623TN

Most of us, thankfully, have never had occasion to push the red emergency button on any of the Code Blue phones located across The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) campus. And of the handful of people who have, says Michael S. Finnegan, Associate Vice President of Facilities and Operations, their only "emergency" was needing directions.

"We certainly instruct them that it's an emergency phone," says Finnegan with a laugh. "But it's a sign of just how safe the UAH campus is." And that's something he takes very seriously. "All these systems are part of the university's infrastructure. It's a great concern of ours to keep everyone safe," he says.

To that end, Finnegan is in the process of rolling out a $3 million upgrade to the university's current emergency system, UAlert. "One of the primary goals in the Strategic Plan is to have a more welcoming and safe environment, so an upgrade to enhance the safety of students and staff on campus certainly fits into that," he says.


Documentary photos of England taken by UAH students on display at Union Grove Gallery


An opening reception was held Tuesday at the Union Grove Gallery for a photo documentary exhibit being presented by six photography students from UAH. The exhibit, which will run through August 29, features photographs taken by the students during their recent trip to England as part of the advanced historical processes class taught by Associate Professor of Art & Art History José A. Betancourt.


"Wearable Robots" researcher Michael Goldfarb headlines OLLI at UAH speakers series

Dr. Michael Goldfarb, director of the Center for Intelligent Mechatronics at Vanderbilt University

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI ) at UAH is celebrating 20 years of service through learning, leadership and community service with a speakers series. OLLI is offered through the Division of Professional and Continuing Studies.


UAH professor helps rural communities keep history alive


History is often considered the stuff of dusty tomes, dense and uninteresting words on a page that invariably prove to be the bane of many a student's existence. And yet how many of us love stories, whether told by our parents as they put us to bed each night or by our grandparents as they reminisced about the old days?


UAH officially establishes new “green fund” for energy-independence, savings

Haley Hix, founder and student leader of Chargers for Sustainability.

Administration officials at UAH approved yesterday the establishment of a “Green Fund” to support sustainability-related projects on campus.