College of Liberal Arts Directory

Dean's Office MH 256          Academic Advisors MH 220
Glenn T. Dasher, Dean     6200   Frank Bell, Senior Academic Advisor  
Andrew Cling, Associate Dean   2334   Amy M. Smeal  
Suzanne Bouvier, Budget Analyst   6201      
Katherine MacGilvray, Executive Assistant   6200   History RH 409
        Waring, Dr. Stephen—Department Chair, Associate Professor   
Art & Art History WH 160B     Dunar, Dr. Andrew— Professor   
Joyce, Dr. Lillian—Department Chair, Associate Professor         Gandila, Dr. Andrei—Assistant Professor   
Abell, Mr. Marin – Visiting Assistant Professor         Isbell, Dr. James—Lecturer  
Baldwin, Ms. Katie—Assistant Professor         Johnson, Dr. Molly—Associate Professor   
Betancourt, Mr. José—Associate Professor 
       Kvach, Dr. John—Assistant Professor   
Johnson, Ms. Jill—Associate Professor         Pacino, Dr. Nicole—Assistant Professor   
Jones, Mr. Keith—Associate Professor         Ragland, Dr. Evan—Assistant Professor   
Stewart, Dr. David—Associate Professor         Sears, Dr. Christine—Associate Professor   
Veasey, Ms. Roxie – Lecturer           
Vines, Ms. Martha – Lecturer        Public History  
         Kvach, Dr. John— Director   
 Classical Studies MH 206C        
 Nelson, Dr. Jeffrey—Director         Music RH 102
         Ragsdale, Dr. C. David—Chair, Associate Professor   
 Communication Arts MH 342      Boyer, Dr. Royce—Professor Emeritus   
 Rountree, Dr. Clarke—Department Chair, Professor         Cain, Dr. Aaron – Assistant Professor   
 Doty, Ms. Johnna—Lecturer         Colwitz, Dr. Erin—Assistant Professor   
 Gilchrist, Dr. Eletra —Associate Professor         Doty, Ms. Johnna—Lecturer   
 Harwell, Mr. David— Associate Professor         Ng, Dr. Melody – Assistant Professor   
 Scroggin, Ms. Kristen– Lecturer         Sanders, Dr. Carolyn— Professor   
 Sheldon, Dr. Pavica– Assistant Professor         Wray, Dr. Ron—Professor   
Education RH 323      Philosophy MH 332
Quick, Dr. Beth—Department Chair, Professor         Wilkerson, Dr. William— Department Chair, Professor   
Dillihunt, Dr. Monica – Associate Professor         Cling, Dr. Andrew— Professor   
Enger, Dr. Sandra - Associate Professor         Heikes, Dr. Deborah —Professor   
Kovacs, Dr. Philip—Associate Professor         Jones, Dr. Nicholaos—Associate Professor  
 Meade, Dr. Whitney – Lecturer           
 Patrick, Ms. Pamela—Lecturer         Political Science MH 250 
 O’Brien, Dr. Jason—Assistant Professor         Pottenger, Dr. John— Acting Department Chair, Professor   
 Slate Young, Dr. Erica—Director of Accreditation Activity         Choup, Dr. Anne Marie—Associate Professor   
 Smith, Dr. Derrick—Assistant Professor         Hawk, Dr. Kathleen–Associate Professor   
 Verlaan, Dr. Wolfram—Assistant Professor         Reeves, Dr. Andrée—Associate Professor   
         Summerlin-Long, Dr. Jeffrey—Assistant Professor   
 English MH 222      Stoutenborough, Dr. James – Assistant Professor   
 Nelson, Dr. Jeffrey —Department Chair, Associate Professor           
 Balla, Dr. Angela—Associate Professor         Psychology MH 335
 Bell, Dr. Diana—Associate Professor         Neuschatz, Dr. Jeffrey— Department Chair, Professor   
 Bollinger, Dr. Laurel—Associate Professor         Carpenter, Dr. Sandra—Professor   
 Conway, Dr. Joe—Assistant Professor         O’Brien, Dr. Marita—Assistant Professor   
 Cross, Ms. Heather—Lecturer         Price, Dr. Jodi—Assistant Professor   
 Early, Dr. Julie—Associate Professor         Seemann, Dr. Eric—Associate Professor   
 Foy, Dr. Anna—Assistant Professor         Torres, Dr. Aurora—Assistant Professor   
Friedman, Dr. Susan –Lecturer           
Frost, Dr. Alanna—Assistant Professor         Sociology MH 344
Gunn, Ms. Sinceree—Lecturer         Berbrier, Dr. Mitchell — Department Chair, Professor   
Jones, Dr. Holly—Associate Professor         Knight, Dr. Kyle—Assistant Professor   
McPherson, Dr. Cynthia—Lecturer         Simon, Dr. Richard—Assistant Professor   
Neff, Dr. David —Professor         Sitaraman, Dr. Bhavani —Associate Professor   
         Steidl, Dr. Christina—Assistant Professor   
Singer, Ms. Diane—Lecturer         Terrell, Dr. Teresa M.—Adjunct Associate Professor   
Smith, Dr. Eric—Associate Professor           
Taylor, Dr. Joseph – Assistant Professor         Women’s Studies    MH 254 
Thomas, Dr. Chad Allen—Assistant Professor         Johnson, Dr. Molly —Director   
Weber, Ms. Anna—Lecturer           
Weber, Dr. Ryan—Assistant Professor         Humanities Center RH 316
Word-Allbritton, Dr. Andrea—Lecturer         Smith, Dr. Eric—Director   
Foreign Languages & Literatures  MH 342        
Goebel, Dr. Rolf—Department Chair, Professor         Web Communications Minor WH 236
Buksa, Dr. Irena—Associate Professor         Jones, Mr. Keith – Coordinator  
Freeman, Ms. Julie—Lecturer           
Gyasi, Dr. Kwaku—Associate Professor         Contracts & Grants  VBRH E23
Johnson, Dr. David—Associate Professor         Savanapridi, Ms. Jana – Coordinator  
Kaiura, Dr. Leslie—Assistant Professor           
Keller, Mr. Karl—Lecturer        Departmental Staff Assistants  
Maier, Dr. Linda—Professor      ART Coffey, Ms. Marylyn—Senior Staff Assistant   
Meister, Dr. Peter—Professor Emeritus     


Lamp, Ms. Donna—Staff Assistant   
      ED  Sobai, Kathleen— Staff Assistant   
Global Studies         MH 253   ED Robinson-Jones, Ms. Chantaye—Certification Officer   
Johnson, Dr. David – Director, Global Studies Program      EH  Brasher, Ms. Cynthia—Senior Staff Assistant   
      EH  Torok, Ms. Lyndsey—Staff Assistant   
      FL Lamp, Ms. Donna —Staff Assistant   
      HY Gentry, Ms. Beverley—Senior Staff Assistant   
      MU Spina, Ms. Cecille—Senior Staff Assistant   
      PHL Graham, Ms. Michelle—Staff Assistant   
      PSC Small, Ms. Cindy—Staff Assistant   
      PY Graham, Ms. Michelle—Senior Staff Assistant   
      SOC Reid, Ms. Erin—Staff Assistant