Undergraduate Degree Requirements


The Department of Political Science, along with the Departments of Sociology and Psychology, represent the Social Sciences in the College of Liberal Arts. Our curriculum provides a major and a minor in traditional political science with courses offered on American government, comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and American law. The department also offers a graduate program in public affairs. Faculty members are committed to effective teaching, active public service, and both traditional and applied scholarship.

The Department of Political Science offers the Bachelor of Arts in political science and the Master of Arts in public affairs.

Political science is the study of government, governance, politics, and the state. The major subfields of the discipline include political theory and philosophy, international relations, foreign governments and comparative politics, public law, research methods, public policy, and American politics. The latter includes national, state, and local political institutions and processes, federalism, and intergovernmental relations.

General Education Requirements

PSC 101 (American Government), PSC 102 (Comparative Politics and Foreign Governments), and PSC 260 (Introduction to International Relations) are the courses that may be used to fulfill General Education Requirements (GER).

Political Science Major

Students wishing to major in political science must complete a minimum of 33 semester hours in political science, including:
PSC 101 - American Government
PSC 102 - Comparative Politics and Foreign Governments
PSC 103 - State and Local Government
PSC 260 - Introduction to International Relations
PSC 330 - Classical Political Philosophy or
PSC 332 - Modern Political Philosophy
PSC 484 - Senior Seminar in Political Science (during the junior or senior year)
In addition, each political science major must complete SOC 333 or PY 300.

Students with a major in political science must choose either a minor from another discipline or 21 hours of minor studies involving courses from two or more disciplines, of which 12 hours must be in upper level courses with a minimum of 6 hours from each discipline. Students are advised to officially declare a major and to obtain a Program of Study by the beginning of the sophomore year, if not before. Students may initiate a Program of Study either by meeting with the departmental chair (Morton Hall, Room 250) or the College of Liberal Arts Academic Advisor (Morton Hall, Room 216). Transfer students are advised to consult with the chair of the department before scheduling courses. Guidelines for curriculum planning in political science are available in the department office. These guidelines are designed to consider such intellectual and vocational interests as pre-law training, international studies, public service, and preparation for graduate study.

Political Science Minor

The student choosing a minor in political science must take 21 hours of course work including PSC 101, 102 and 484 (during the junior or senior year).

Second Area of Study for Elementary Education Majors
PSC 101 - American Government
PSC 102 - Comparative Politics and Foreign Governments
PSC 103 - State and Local Government
PSC 484 - Senior Seminar
6 additional hours of political science

Internship Programs

The Department of Political Science has an internship option for students in political science and public affairs. Internships bridge the gap between learning experience and entry into professional life. Normally, students must have junior status or above to be considered for this option.