Study Abroad

The Global Studies Program offers a variety of study abroad courses and programs for students at UAHuntsville. Since 2005, hundreds of students from all majors have participated in these study abroad opportunities. We encourage you to examine the various opportunities described below. It is never too early to begin thinking about studying abroad and making your plans.

Faculty-Led Courses

Each year, the Global Studies Program administers a number of faculty-led study abroad courses. These courses generally begin with instruction on campus at UAH and conclude with a study abroad component of two to four weeks in length. This year, faculty-led courses will be offered in Germany ("Legacies of the Third Reich"), Spain (Intensive Spanish), Russia and Ukraine (Russian Culture), and the United Kingdom (Global Health). 

Please click here for more information for these faculty-led study abroad course offerings for the coming academic year. 

If you are interested in enrolling in a faculty-led study abroad course, please fill out this application form and bring it to Morton Hall 256 (Dean's Office).

In addition, other colleges at UAH provide their own study abroad offerings. One such example is the College of Business's annual faculty-led course to Romania.This youtube video presents this opportunity: Please check with the College of Business for more information about this program. 


Summer Courses and Programs (offered every year)

Intensive German in Dusseldorf, Germany (4 weeks)
Art and Italian Culture in Cortona, Italy (10 weeks)

 Greece 2012

Summer, Semester, and Academic-Year Programs

UAHuntsville has affiliated with the University Studies Abroad Consortium that provides summer, semester, or academic-year study abroad programs at 24 sites in Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. You can participate in these programs and earn transfer credit toward your degree at UAHuntsville. For a list of programs and locations, please visit

Students who have completed at least two years of university-level German instruction may also be eligible to study at the University of Rostock in Germany for a semester or academic year as a part of an exchange agreement between UAH and the University of Rostock. 

Once you have discovered possible destinations for your study abroad, please contact Dr. David Johnson at

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Participation in UAH faculty-led courses requires instructor approval and a minimum 2.5 GPA. USAC programs have additional prerequisites. Please check the USAC site for more details.

Please contact Dr. David Johnson at (256) 824-6288 or

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