Life Event Changes

For all of us, life is a continuing process of change. A major life event or change may affect your benefits at UAH. When one of the events mentioned below occurs in your life, you will need to review and possibly make changes to your current benefit elections.  

Job Change
Dependent Loss
of Eligibility 
Death of
a Dependent

You must notify Human Resources within 31 days of the life event to change your current benefit election(s). If you do not make changes within the required time period, you must wait until the annual open enrollment period. Generally open enrollment is held in mid-October through mid-November and changes made during this time are effective January 1 of the following year.

 How To Make a Life Event Change
  • Insurance coverage may begin on the date the life event change.

    • Login to HR Connection(BenefitFocus) 

    • Documentation of the life event change must be uploaded in HR Connection.  Please see the list of life events and the documentation required below.

Life Event

Documentation Required 


Marriage Certificate


Final divorce decree with the file date and the judge's signature

Birth of Child

Birth Certificate and/or  Hospital Verification of Birth 


Final adoption papers with the file date and the judge's signature


Death Certificate

Job Change

Employment Status Change Letter or Termination Letter
(This letter must indicate the date of the job change/termination as well as the date when your insurance coverage will end)


Other Changes to Consider

Life Insurance

Beneficiary changes can be made at any time. 

  • University Provided Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Voluntary Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Teachers' Retirement Systems
  • Voluntary Retirement Plan (secure login required)

Tax Forms

Changes to your tax withholdings can be made at any time. You may view change your current withholding through Banner Self Service. For more information, please contact Payroll Services.