Dental Insurance


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Summary of Benefits

The chart below summarizes the basic and comprehensive plan options. For limitations and exclusions please refer to your certificate/booklet. At all times the master contract is the prevailing authority.

Benefits Basic Coverage Comprehensive Coverage
Preventive 90% 90%
Basic Services 80% 90%
Major Services Not covered 60%
Orthodontics Not covered 50%
Orthodontics Lifetime Max n/a $1,000
Calendar Yr. Max (In Network) $1,000 $1,250
Calendar Yr. Max (Out of Network) $750 $1,000
Preferred Dental Providers are available for in-network calendar year max

Summary Plan Description |Certificate of Insurance Basic Plan |Certificate of Insurance Comprehensive Plan


Type of Coverage Monthly Premium Bi-Monthly Premium
Basic Plan    
Single $22.89 $11.45
Family $52.69 $26.35
Comprehensive Plan    
Single $39.10 $19.55
Family $90.08 $45.04

Open Enrollment

An open enrollment period is held once each year to enroll, drop, or make changes in dental insurance. The open enrollment is usually mid-October through mid-November with changes effective January 1st of the following year. New employees must enroll within the first 31 days of employment. If enrollment does not occur in the first 31 days of employment, they will have to wait until the open enrollment period.

Preferred Providers

The Dental program has a group of participating dentist known as the Preferred Dental Provider (PDP) Plus network. Participants still have freedom of choice on dental providers. Coinsurance, deductibles and maximums are identical for PDP and non-PDP services. However, the PDP Plus accepts scheduled fees after the deductible and coinsurances are met as payment in full. If you choose a non-PDP provider you, are responsible for paying the difference between the amount the plan pays and the dentist's billed charges. Click here and log in to MyBenefits to view a list Preferred Providers within the PDP Plus network.