Co-op position a "continuous learning experience" for UAH student

Lindsey Harris

Employers these days want to hire someone with hands-on experience, and that's exactly what Lindsey Harris is going to be able to give them. The rising junior and computer science major at UAH is spending the summer in a co-op position at local telecommunications giant ADTRAN.

"I decided to pursue a co-op position because it provides really great work experience that I never would have gained at school," says Harris, a Huntsville native whose mother also attended UAH and earned a degree in computer science. "And I figured it would give me a higher chance of getting a job faster upon graduating!"

Harris first learned of the position while attending a career fair this past fall on the UAH campus. "I talked to several people, including ADTRAN," she says. "They liked my resume and had me sign up for a follow-up interview, and it went from there." Now she is spending her days "working on assignments that mentors or managers give me, with training and meetings in between."

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UAH's Adam Powell named Honors College student of the year


For the Powell family attending UAH has become a tradition. Four of Adam Powell's five siblings have attended UAH. Powell graduated on May 4, with a bachelor's of science degree in chemistry, and he was also honored as the UAH Honors College Student of the Year.

Born in Huntsville, Powell attended Covenant Christian Academy. He balances academic endeavors and extracurricular activities with skill and ease. He played soccer for eight years, achieving the rank of captain. Powell has competed on math teams and in numerous academic competitions, often receiving the highest grade or ranking. Additionally, he received a Silver Service Medal for helping to clear debris in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, and repairing homes of senior citizens.

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UAH philosophy graduate receives prestigious fellowship to Penn State

Rachel King

For Rachel King learning was never limited to what was taught in the classroom. Her parents made sure of that. "The example they set for me was to always seek knowledge."

King attributes her proclivity towards philosophy to her parents, who instilled in King at an early age a sense of intellectual independence. "My brother and I were the kids writing book reports and doing math problems during summer vacation," she said. "While at the time, I wasn't the biggest fan of this 'extra' work, it instilled in me a sense of self-discipline that I believe is very beneficial in reading, thinking and writing about complex philosophical issues."

She initially came to UAH with a "mindset" to get a degree in political science and go on to law school to become a corporate attorney. "But everything changed my freshman year when I took Introduction to Philosophy with Dr. Brian Martine (professor emeritus). It was as if in every class session I was led to reconsider how I viewed and understood the world, others and myself.

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UAH officially launches Honors College with a celebration on Oct. 4


UAH, will mark the first year of the Honors College (formerly the UAH Honors Program) with a commemoration program on Saturday, Oct. 4.

The Launch! Celebration will take place in the Davidson Center, located in the U.S. Space and Rocket Center at 5 p.m. About 300 high-achieving students from the North-Alabama area, and local leaders are expected to to attend the event. "At the UAH Honors College students are getting a small college experience at a public university price and we offer both incredible undergraduate research opportunities and also industry and government connections that others can't," said Dr. William Wilkerson, Dean of the UAH Honors College.

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UAH’s Honors College celebrates first anniversary with big plans for future


Although UAH has long had an honors program, this fall marks its first full year as an Honors College. It's an important milestone, and one that the College's new dean, Dr. William Wilkerson, says is just the first of many.

"The things we're going to be working on right now are broadening the Honors curriculum, improving and refining the Honors student mentor program, and expanding the Honors living-learning community," he says, referring to a planned renovation of Frank Franz Hall that will allow all honors students to be housed under one roof.

Already two-thirds of the residence hall is dedicated to honors students, who live on two-and-a-half floors designated as an honors theme community. But once the College holds its official launch later this month and construction is completed on Frank Franz in November, Dr. Wilkerson's focus will turn more fully to attracting those who will go on to occupy the building in the coming years.

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William Wilkerson named dean of the UAH Honors College

William Wilkerson

William Wilkerson has been appointed dean of The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) Honors College. He will assume his duties as dean on Tuesday, July 15.

"Dr. Wilkerson has numerous distinctions and achievements and brings a wealth of experience in leadership and administration, research, scholarship, and teaching to the Honors College. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Wilkerson to his new role here at UAH," said Dr. Christine W. Curtis, provost and executive vice president for Academic Affairs.

Wilkerson currently serves as professor and chair of the Department of Philosophy in the College of Liberal Arts.

"The new Honors College will offer a unique and transformative educational opportunity for the students, as well as a chance to raise the profile of UAH as a whole. UAH has been a home to me for 16 years, and I know that this community can accomplish great things when we work together. I am excited for this new challenge," said Wilkerson.

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Colloquium contextualizes thermodynamics for UAH honors students


Any thermodynamics class worth its salt will include a lecture on the second law of thermodynamics. But what about the man behind the second law, Nicholas Carnot? Few may know that this son of a prominent French politician actually spent much of his life in the military before being interned in an asylum and dying of cholera at the age of 36.

But that is exactly the kind of fascinating backstory that Dr. Daniel Armentrout hopes to impart to the students in his Honors Thermodynamics Colloquium at UAH. Offered by the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, the course runs concurrently with – and builds upon – the traditional Thermodynamics lecture.

"The more you learn about the people who made monumental contributions to science, the more you are confronted with their humanity and recognize that discovery is obtainable," says Dr. Armentrout. "So all of the students in the colloquium get exposure to the historical and personal context that led to significant discoveries in thermodynamics."

This semester, those students are Victoria Cain, Ryan Gott, Moriah Morehouse, and Kareem Omar. All are undergraduates in UAH's Honors College, and all say that the colloquium allows them to explore thermodynamics in a more meaningful way than the course's lecture-style counterpart.

"We learn about what people in the past did with significantly less technology, which gives me the confidence that I will be able to solve problems and make new discoveries," says Gott. Adds Omar, "this is what university is all about – a professor knowledgeable about a topic entertaining discussion with students who have the same interests."

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Elevation of Honors Program to Honors College adds prestige to UAH


When The University of Alabama Board of Trustees approved the establishment of an Honors College at UAH last month, it marked a major milestone for director Dr. Harry Delugach.

"When I got the job four years ago, the question was, 'Does it make sense to transition from an Honors Program to an Honors College?'" says Dr. Delugach, who also serves as an associate professor of computer science.

Some had their doubts; at the time, it wasn't clear if the program was robust enough to be able to offer honors students the courses and resources they would need if it were to grow to the size of a college.

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MAE students present research at international conference

After winning first place in regional student competition, three UAH Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) students advanced to present their team's technical paper at the AIAA International Student Conference at SciTech Jan. 5-9 in Kissimmee, Fla.

A fourth student, UAH MAE doctoral student Felix Ewere, presented a technical paper at the conference entitled, "Galloping Piezoelectric Energy Harvester with Bio-inspired Square Bluff Body." The paper was coauthored with his advisor, Dr. Gang Wang, and Prof. Kader Frendi at MAE.

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UAH sets first Research Horizons Day Celebration

In cooperation with each of the university's colleges, UAH Office of Academic Affairs plans to hold its first campus-wide display of student research in conjunction with Honors Convocation in April 2015.

"Our students are involved in a lot of research, creative projects and scholarly activity with faculty, research staff and local stakeholders," says Dave Cook, coordinator of student research programs for the Office of Academic Affairs. "Dissemination of the results of their work is an essential element of research, and this event will provide experience presenting ideas in the format used by many academic conferences. It also creates a forum for students to discuss cutting-edge research and creative topics with peers, faculty, research staff, administrators, family and the local community."

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