Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Student Health Center?

We are located in the University Center in room 203.

Who is eligible to receive care?

Any student currently taking at least three hours of classes at UAHuntsville can be treated at our facility.

What hours is the Student Health Center open?

We are open Monday through Friday 8:15am - 5:00pm.

What services are available?

We offer a variety of services. Treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, preventative health services, including gynecological exams, immunizations, health counseling and testing. For a full list, please see our Clinic Services page.

How much does it cost?

Our current fee for an office visit is $10.00. A physical for employment, nursing school or athletics is $25.00. Lab tests will be an additional fee. Payment is expected on the date of service.

Does the Student Health Center file my insurance?

We do not file insurance. We keep our costs low to be able to serve all our students.

Does the Student Health Center have a Dentist or Optometrist?

No, we do not. We can provide names of some dentists and eye doctors who are taking new patients.

Do I need an appointment? We do ask you call for an appointment.

How long will the appointment last?

The length of the visit varies. A new patient appointment will take longer than an established patient; a physical takes longer than a follow up appointment. Most appointments will take less than an hour.

Is there a charge for missed appointments?

Yes, we charge $10.00 for missed routine appointments.

Can I get an excuse for missed classes?

We do not give excuses. Upon request we will give you documentation you were seen in the Student Health Center.