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Draft Policies

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Academic Titles Policy

Policy updated by Provost on 3/08/2016.

Librarian and Lecturer Policy







Online/Distance Education Learning Policy 7/29/2015   01/28/2016

Extension of Tenure Clock

Personnel Committee voted against and recommended using handbook section

7/29/2015  10/15/2015

Modified Duties for Faculty

Personnel Committee voted against and recommended using handbook section 7.1.1.

7/29/2015  10/15/2015
Communicable Disease Policy 7/29/2015  4/28/2016
Substantive Changes Policy 8/20/2015  11/19/2015
OIT Change Management Committee (interim) 8/20/2015  
OIT Charter of Univ. Cybersecurity and Policy Advisory Council (interim)  8/20/2015  
OIT Charter of University IT Advisory Council (interim) 8/20/2015  
OIT Charter of University IT Governance Framework (interim) 8/20/2015  
OIT Cloud Services and Information Technology Procurement (interim)  8/20/2015   
OIT IT Incident Reporting and Breach Notification (interim) 8/20/2015   
OIT Protection of Data (interim) 8/20/2015   
OIT World Wide Web Pages and Other Electronic Publications (interim)  8/20/2015   
OIT Document Imaging and Storage Policy (interim) 8/20/2015  
OIT Electronic Mail and Other Electronic Communications (interim) 8/20/2015  
OIT Wireless Networking and Guest Access (interim) 8/20/2015  
OIT Network Computer and Email Account Administration (interim) 8/20/2015  
OIT Appropriate Use of IT Resources (interim) 8/20/2015  
OIT Security of IT Resources (interim) 8/20/2015  
Emeritus Faculty Privileges 9/17/2015   11/19/2015
Faculty Separation Policy 9/17/2015  11/19/2015
CEU Reporting Policy 9/17/2015  
Smoke and Tobacco-Free Policy 9/17/2015 12/15/2015
Sparkman Drive Electronic Message Board Policy 2/03/2016 2/25/2016
Indebtedness and Collection Policy 2/03/2016 2/25/2016
Use of Hoverboards and Similar Devices Policy 3/27/2016  10/20/16
Nepotism Policy 8/25/2016  
Course Forgiveness and Repeat Policy 8/25/2016  
Use of University Facilities and Property Policy 8/25/2016  9/8/2016
Copyright Policy 8/25/2016  
Unmanned Aerial Systems Flight Operations Policy 8/25/2016  9/8/2016
Policy for the Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research 8/25/2016  

Distribution of Income from Intellectual Property Proceeds

SSB Digital Visitor Signs 8/25/2016  9/8/2016
SSB Conference Center 8/25/2016  9/8/2016

Faculty Credential Policy

Faculty Credential Policy Form A

FFaculty Credential Policy Form B

Librarian Policy 5/16/2016  10/20/2016
Lecturer Policy 5/16/2016  10/20/2016
Second Bachelor's Degree Policy 11/23/2016  
Overtime and Compensatory Time 11/23/2016  
On-Call and Call-Back for Non-Exempt Employees 11/23/2016