The BEST Experience

BEST Experience 2016

June 19th-24th, 2016 on the UAH campus

Registration is CLOSED - You May contact us at to be added to a waitlist.


 Are you interested in engineering as a career? If so, the College of Engineering invites you to join the BEST Experience, where you can Be an Engineering STudent (for a week!).

The BEST Experience is a week-long residential program that gives high-school students a taste of what being an engineer student at UAH is all about. Students will go to engineering classes, perform hands-on experiments in engineering labs, participate in UAH student life activities, work on project teams, live in the residence halls and eat at campus dining facilities. The BEST Experience will let students explore different types of engineering and aspects of design, build, and test—all while living like college student.

The BEST Experience is a great way to “try” being an engineering student to see just how challenging and fun it can be!

BEST 2016 Brochure

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Program Fees: The BEST Experience fee covers all program costs including room and meals, laboratory and classroom materials, and student life activities. Transportation to and from campus is not included. 

Alabama Residents:    $350

Non-Alabama Residents:    $650

Scholarships:   The BEST Experience will provide scholarships for up to 70% of the program fee ($245 for residents/$455 for non-residents).  Scholarship amounts are based on demonstrated financial need and subject to available funds.

Application and other Forms:

Please complete the following forms (left column).  The application, medical release, liability release, behavior contract, recommendation and photo release forms are required.  The scholarship request is optional.  You may print the forms and either mail, email or fax them (see forms for address information).  You may also use the PDF-fillable options and either digitally sign or print and sign as you wish.  Alternatively, you may choose to submit your application/forms using the on-line forms (right column).  If you have any questions about the required forms, please contact or call 256.824.6877.

BEST 2016 Application (PRINT or PDF-FILLABLE)                                           BEST 2016 ON-LINE APPLICATION/FORMS
BEST 2016 Medical Form/Release (PRINT or PDF-FILLABLE)                        BEST 2016 ON-LINE RECOMMENDATION FORM
BEST 2016 Liability Release (PRINT)                                                                   BEST 2016 ON-LINE SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST
BEST 2016 Behavior Contract (PRINT)
BEST 2016 Recommendation Form (PRINT or PDF-FILLABLE)
BEST 2016 Photo Release Form (PRINT)
BEST 2016 Scholarship Request (PRINT or PDF-FILLABLE)