Aerospace Structures

  • Smart materials systems, development of smart actuators and sensors, health monitoring of composite material systems and large civil infrastructures, experimental characterization and micro-mechanics modeling of material – Dr. Mark Lin
  • Rotorcraft, adaptive structures, structural dynamics, vibration and shock control, structural health monitoring – Dr. Gang Wang
  • Design of apparatus for use in microgravity environment, heat transfer, rocketry and energy conservation – Dr. Francis Wessling
  • Computational solid and structural mechanics, advanced constitutive models for materials, modeling ductile and brittle failure modeling of materials (metals, ceramics, explosives, solid propellants), impact and penetration mechanics – Dr. Q.H. Ken Zuo

Aerospace Systems

  • Modeling and analysis of micro-air vehicle flight, insect/bird flight, locomotion of fish - Dr. Chang-kwon Kang
  • Aircraft and missile aerodynamics, aerospace vehicle design, computational fluid dynamics, viscous fluid mechanics, and propulsion – Dr. D. Brian Landrum
  • Emerging technologies to rotorcraft, fixed wing, and space vehicles, test and evaluation of prototype aerospace systems– Dr. Gang Wang

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), and high temperature equations of state, with applications to collisional plasmas and high temperature gas dynamics – Dr. Jason Cassibry
  • Applied computational fluid dynamics, numerical analysis, chemically reacting flows, acoustics, fluid-structure-acoustic interactions, supersonic and hypersonic laminar, transitional and turbulent flows – Dr. Kader Frendi
  • Multiphase flows, turbulence, computational fluid dynamics, stochastic and probabilistic modeling of thermo-fluid flows, propulsion and high performance computing – Dr. Babak Shotorban
  • Fluid-structure interaction, low Reynolds number flows, computational fluid dynamics, reduced order modeling, and high performance computing - Dr. Chang-kwon Kang


  • Electromagnetic propulsion, pulsed power, plasma physics, magnetoinertial fusion for propulsion and terrestrial power applications – Dr. Jason Cassibry
  • Solid, liquid and hybrid propulsion, combustion instability, missile design, multi-disciplinary design – Dr. Robert Frederick
  • Experimental research in electric propulsion, low temperature plasma physics, fundamental combustion for propulsion and power, high-pressure plasma for materials and energy, and design of space systems - Dr. Gabe Xu

Thermal Science

  • Electrochemical energy conversion and storage; sustainable energy systems; multiscale modeling of transport phenomena; microstructural imaging, simulation, and analysis; porous and heterogeneous media - Dr. George Nelson
  • Convective heat transfer, two-phase flows, liquid crystal thermography, biomedical heat transfer – Dr. D. Keith Hollingsworth